Roomname Topic Users Modes
##IRCDev nt
#chat Welcome to #chat | Caution: Valware bites! Cnt
#cinema [#Cinema - Your home of entertainment.] "Save the clock tower!" Welcome to a place where you can discuss films and tv shows. $imdb -- To show a movie or tv show description. or... $tv - To display information about a tv show, such as last episode, and when the next episode will be. nt
#coders-irc-lounge |§¤*~`~*¤§|§¤*~ -==- [ Welcome to Corders-irc & ] -==- ~*¤§|§¤*~`~*¤§| AnTPrSt
#computertech Now it all makes sense nrt
#debian Debian Bullseye now released.
#Ebooks :Coders-IRC Offical XDCC Room for various ebooks available for download! nt
#fedora Fedora Community Channel. If no response for help, ask in #linux.
#GameRoom nt
#garuda [IRC-nERDS/GarudaLinux] Welcome to the official channel of Garuda Linux and the Chaotic-AUR. If you need help just ask. All chat is welcome, don't be a stranger. Cnt
#HelpDesk umnPt
#IdleRPG Welcome to IRChainScriptz IdleRPG channel. See who can idle the longest without getting penalized. For help, and tracking your progress visit nPrt
#irc IRCd's, Services, Clients, Bots,... You name it, We talk about it! nt
#ircdev nrSt
#IRChainScriptz \\\\\\\\-\\\\\\- For All Your Scripting & IRC Needs & More -//////-//////// nPSt
#IRCommunity nPt
#kde KDE Community Support channel. Additional help/chat available in #nerds. (mostly abandoned - not unfriendly) nt
#linux Linux Support - Ask your question and someone will help you when they can. nt
#marijuana Idle for legalization :: smoke weed everyday | for quick access1 nt
#nerds [18+] [Official IRC-nERDs Channel] [ ipv4: / ipv6: ] [ WebChat: ] [] [ Discord: ] Ask your question and hope for an answer, invite your friends. We talk shit and nerd. nt
#news news feeds from around the world brought to your irc.
#pirates ,<§§><§§><§§>, Pirates Game! 🕱 Welcome aboard The Devils Plunderer, Season 2! 🕱 Join wit' !Pirates 🕱 Chat = doubloons! 🕱 ,<§§><§§><§§> nt
#Relay-Radio nt
#startrek [Relay: libera] Welcome to the trekkie verse. Raise shields, red alert. Prepare to be boarded. nt
#starwars New Episodes The Bad Batch out S201 and S202, The Mandalorian season 3 eps 1-3 are now out, with Ahsoka and Skeleton Crew later in 2023! nt
#TriviaWorld nrt
#videogames All gaming discussions on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC/Linux/Mac/Steam, Mobile and VR for all gamers! | Discord: | Steam Community: | Website: | Twitch: CnTt
#weechat Welcome to the weechat community channel. Here for general weechat discussion or for asking for help or giving help to weechat users. One of the best IRC clients ever. Don't be an asshole... Help people out. nt
#xtremenerds [PyLink Main Channel] [Need Hosting?] All news and discussion related to Pynerds operations.