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All addons pertaing to information such as youtube linker & etc

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  1. KTE Theme Engine

    KTE Theme Engine - with this mirc addon, you can create new schema styles for your irc script. This is compatible with MTS.


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  2. MSN Weather Checker

    UPDATEv1.5>>> Added a !forecast command so you can check up to 9 days of your local forecast information. The command is simple: !forecast 1-9day location. i.e.: !forecast 5day 97048 will give you a 5 day forecast for Rainier Oregon, or !forecast 9day Portland Oregon will give you Portland Oregon's 9 day forecast.
    If you want to change the number of days allowed, simply change if (%fcnum > 9) { the number to any. The max is 9, the script wont display the 10th very well so I left it out. 

    UPDATE>>> Previous release wasn't removing [style] from user request. Added $sstyle in the file for those who don't have the $stripstyle alias. It should work in any script now... I hope! Let me know if it don't.
    I know checking the weather has become popular for everyone, so I decided to write this one which checks msn.com's weather info.

    I at some point plan on adding more forecast days that can be checked, or just doing !f loc 3 to get 3 days of forecast info.

    As we all know, websites tend to change, please let me know if you are getting errors or just blank info and I'll adjust the 
    script as needed. Thank you and hope you enjoy!

    So far this works in Moschino and Socketless connection scripts. Let me know if you need help.

    The command for weather is !w
    To change this, open the .mrc file and edit the first line or use remote editor:
    on *:TEXT:*!w*:#: { 
    and change the !w to whatever you want.
    There is no on/off or dialog options for this script. It is a load and run file.
    View readmeweather.txt for more info about this scrip


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