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  1. It’s been awhile since we’ve used anything aside from WhatsApp, Telegram and the like. So long that we’ve forgotten our old chat rooms are like. Like, you know, mIRC and ICQ. So… What happened to mIRC? So if you’re wondering what has happened to the mIRC, you can rest assured that they’re still alive and kicking (surprise, surprise?). A quick search will present the official mIRC website, with the registration and download links still up, so you’re free to return to your good ol’ days. It looks cleaned up as well, with an interface that isn’t too stuffy yet shows you the details neatly. Doesn’t their adorable logo (which is now 3D, because #everything3D) bring back great memories? mIRC, known as Internet Relay Chat, started in 1995, was truly the ancestor of modern instant messaging. Created from the need for a chat system for Windows, it grew to be a very popular system for various users. Gamers in particular found it useful to gather in groups in order to conduct their gaming activities. While mIRC wasn’t the only IRC system around, it was more well-received than others, where many communities stuck to it for discussion and other purposes (you know, “queuing” up to download Mp3?). They’re still updating the mIRC now, and the recent additions to improve their system this year seem to be helpful in removing bugs and making the user experience more pleasant. The current system is definitely compatible for Windows XP and above. Looks like they’re keeping up with the times, at least. But of course, the question we have in mind is this: who’s still using it? They couldn’t have maintained the server (which cost a lot) and the program for ghost users, right?
  2. An "insidious" new SMS smishing malware has been found targeting Android mobile users in the U.S. and Canada as part of an ongoing campaign that uses SMS text message lures related to COVID-19 regulations and vaccine information in an attempt to steal personal and financial data. Proofpoint's messaging security subsidiary Cloudmark coined the emerging malware "TangleBot." "The malware has been given the moniker TangleBot because of its many levels of obfuscation and control over a myriad of entangled device functions, including contacts, SMS and phone capabilities, call logs, internet access, and camera and microphone," the researchers said. Besides capabilities to obtain sensitive information, the malware is engineered to control device interaction with banking or financial apps using overlay screens and plunder account credentials from financial activities initiated on the phones. READ MORE HERE
  3. Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed a novel technique adopted by threat actors to deliberately evade detection with the help of malformed digital signatures of its malware payloads. "Attackers created malformed code signatures that are treated as valid by Windows but are not able to be decoded or checked by OpenSSL code — which is used in a number of security scanning products," Google Threat Analysis Group's Neel Mehta said in a write-up published on Thursday. The new mechanism was observed to be exploited by a notorious family of unwanted software known as OpenSUpdater that's used to download and install other suspicious programs on compromised systems. Most targets of the campaign are users located in the U.S. who are prone to downloading cracked versions of games and other grey-area software. The findings come from a set of OpenSUpdater samples uploaded to VirusTotal at least since mid-August. READ MORE HERE
  4. About IRC-Community The IRC-Community IRCWX network was created in 2021 by a small group interested in establishing a safe, secure platform for free discussions of ideas. We grew out of the original Sysop Or Guide operation that began with other IRCWX Networks. This network is operated by a small but very dedicated group located around the world who donate their time and resources to make it available to any individual or group that requires real time, unmonitored communications. We strive for a self moderating environment - we do not wish to control the topics discussed therefore NO moderation is provided in any channels. We have a few but very important rules that cover One situation. Information is available here or join the IRC-Community and inquire there.
  5. Releases · kvirc/KVIrc · GitHub KVIrc-5.0.0-x86_64.exe
  6. chain


    err0r has been working hard on the automated system and the FAQ his coding to make things run better are just incredible.
  7. So we have finally hit an IRC Server Technet and have found a developer that works a lot with portals to IRC We are hoping that this may bring us more chatter's to all IRCWX Networks and help us develop a much better and user friendly for some IRC user that use Mibbit and other means to chat. We are looking for more developers that are looking for a place to chat and bring more users that can easily access a chat server then having to go through difficult clients. Valarem has started using her client and making a few changes and managed to see us chat and enter and register with her IRC client.
  8. order to authenticate an account on the Chat Network using an IRC client, you first must create an account and join a room with it using the web chat. Then you can connect with your IRC client and authenticate using the following structure. on ^*:logon😘: { .raw AUTHTYPE IRCWX1 .raw CLIENTMODE cd2 .raw USER $me $me $me : My Connection .raw LOGINH <email address> <password in md5 format> } ircWx using % in room names. ie: %#channelname. ircWx also supports spaces in channel names. Spaces are replaced by \b in IRC Clients. ie: %#My\bChannel cd2 is for basic connections. cd1 requires a socket connection and edits to localwrite ircWx uses [style] codes. You can strip them with the following regsubex $regsubex($1-, /\[(?:style\x20.*?|/style)\]/gi,$null)
  9. New chat server using IRCWX Has Been opened hoping to get IRC Users to come on and help us Develop the chat in a more user friendly way. IRCWX can be improved in so many ways that it can stand out and be a better community for Developers or just chatters looking for a useful and easy access to chatting. This server in question is owned by a Private Person and has err0r doing the design aspect and Wes doing server aspects and Chain advertising and greeting the chatters. This server is a no room support server. it has its own Automated HDBot system and its own Support Ticket System The Owner of ChatRoom Controls his own issues, there are no Sysop or Guides. There is no dictating on how an owner runs his rooms. Like IRC Servers the Owners decide the rules and actions they wish to have. Admin are just there for server issues and nothing else. This server has been implemented with the most updated system. We are still continuing to add and better IRCWX but with the help of more developers looking to make IRC-Community a better chat experince. https://www.irc-community.com 7778
  10. It's a shame most of the IRC scripting sites have been closed from MircScripts.org to IRCjunkie.org. Use to love those scripting sites. I think the only one that remains is Hawkee.com but not much go on there anymore. It was fun having a huge IRC Community and seeing all coders unite and help each other. Now what you see are script kiddies taking codes and modifying what was and don't even come up with there own coding!! So we are hoping to get more and more IRC scripters back into the coding game. Between err0r,Eyecu & Moi we are looking into different ways to bring it back!! So lets cross our fingers and see what developments we can come up with. Stay Tuned for more updates. Lets Get The IRC Community Back
  11. Just wondewring how People are doing. It's been awhile since anyone has posted so wondering if there are still people scripting or even chatting. I see more and more people going to try discord chat ..... I myself dont like it very much, but hey who am i to say whats good and bad Anyways just saying hello to all
  12. Malwarebytes is a high performance anti-malware application that thoroughly removes even the most advanced malware and spyware. Malwarebytes version 4.xx brings comprehensive protection against today’s threat landscape so that you can finally replace your traditional antivirus. You can finally replace your traditional antivirus, thanks to a innovative and layered approach to prevent malware infections using a healthy combination of proactive and signature-less technologies. While signatures are still effective against threats like potentially unwanted programs, the majority of malware detection events already come from signature-less technologies like Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware; that trend will only continue to grow. For many of you, this is something you already know, since over 50% of the users already run Malwarebytes as their sole security software, without any third-party antivirus. Download here
  13. Google is ending support for signing into its app on Android 2.3.7 and below (via 9to5Google). The announcement was made through email to all the users who are still actively using these Android versions. Google stated that "signing in to your account on Google apps will no longer be supported." Android versions below version 2.3.7 are: Android 1.0 Android 1.1 Android 1.5 Cupcake Android 1.6 Donut Android 2.0 Eclair Android 2.2 Froyo Android 2.3 Gingerbread The company says that the change will only impact system and application-level sign-ins and will not affect web browsers. This means that users will no longer be able to sign in to apps like YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, and other apps that need a Google account. Users will only be able to sign into their accounts with Android versions 3.0 or newer.
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