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  1. Looking for a great Radio to listen too. Well we have it for you with nonstop Dj's doing there thing and playing Awsome Music. Relay-Radio tune in at Relay-Radio - Homepage And if your looking for extra fun come on in to Buzzen Sports Bar where all the DJ's hang out with the chatter's Buzzen Chat - Free Chat Network
  2. chain


    Guys Looking to have a blast and listen to great DJ's and Music Relay-Radio - Homepage
  3. Coders-IRC would like to Welcome Neo_Nemesis  As he will be a New Moderator on this site & has a lot to offer to our community. He is the Creator of the script LostDX and a lot of snippets from hawkee.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This script offers a lot & was done quite well. love the simple look but yet elegant with a touch of class.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Basic IRC script with the usual stuff
  6. Version 3.0


    RuLeRs Script 3.0 is a advanced script but its allso verry usefull for newbies. fx. becouse of the F-Key system that allows you to easy Op/Deop/Kick/Ban users and if you use the X/W popups then you will have no problems in coltroling you own channel... This script an undernet script. That doesn't mean you can't use it for chat-servers as Dalnet and EFnet... But if you are a Undernet users this script is allmost as good as it gets
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This script has many funtions easy to use.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    These are highly advanced scripts for war and protection,however they are also a great scripts to just chat with.Most of the bugs are been fixed from version 1.2 to version 1.3 beta .But there still may be some bugs left which are to be fixed in the future versions. Please do not rip or change anithing.It may cause the scripts for not to work properly. The Normal Version contains less War tools then the War Edition. Otherwise its almost the same. ***If you are installing The War Edition and using a VIRUS GUARD, please close it before the Script installetion.Some war programms will be detected as viruses by the antivirus programms.And disable your antivirus programm while you are running the script.Otherwise the war programms will be deleted or wont work properly.***
  9. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    1) install the script in your IRC Client 2) right click in channel 3) activate the script from the dialog 4) add or remove word/phrases as needed.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Installing Copy mIRCTileHoriz.dll from the zip into your mIRC directory. The mIRC directory is usually C:\Program Files\mIRC or C:\Program Files (x86)\mIRC depending on your version of Windows. Within mIRC, select Tools -> Script Editor and, on the Remote tab, add a line like this: on *:start:/dll "C:\Program Files\mIRC\mIRCTileHoriz.dll" InstallHook (Of course, modify the path so it's correct for where you put the DLL. On 64-bit Windows you'll probably need to add (x86) in there.) You can also add a list of window-title prefixes (usually channel names), each sparated by a / character, to force those windows to be kept in a specific order: on *:start:/dll "C:\Program Files\mIRC\mIRCTileHoriz.dll" InstallHook /#Example1 [/#Example2 [/ If you want a window to be left along entirely, put **ignore** before its prefix. This will ensure that the #Example1 and #Example2 windows always come first while leaving the Status window alone completely (so it can overlap the other windows when visible): on *:start:/dll "C:\Program Files\mIRC\mIRCTileHoriz.dll" InstallHook /#Example1 [/#Example2 [/**ignore**Status: / That will ensure mIRC uses the plugin the next time it starts. To make mIRC load the plugin now, without having to restart it, paste the same thing as above into the status window, but only the part from /dll onwards (i.e. without the on *:start: at the beginning). If you want to experiment with the list of channels, you can re-run the command as many times as you want. Each time will update the existing plugin's configuration, rather than loading the plugin an additional time. Uninstalling Remove the line you added to the Remote script, the same way that you added it. If you want to make mIRC release the plugin without exiting the program, run this via the status window: /dll -u "C:\Program Files\mIRC\mIRCTileHoriz.dll" (As before, modify the path so it's correct for where you put the DLL.) Delete mIRCTileHoriz.dll from your mIRC folder. Screenshot Not very exciting. 🙂 (I've also turned off the menu and toolbar, since I almost never use either of them. That's unrelated to the plugin.)
  11. Version 1.1


    Fixed Notice-Flood Protection so that it doesn’t ignore any notices from server services (*!*@DAL.net service) Changed the “RED & GRAY” color scheme for Auto-Acronyms to “Black & Yellow” to make it more eye catchy and easily readable Applied the new color scheme to the Auto Thanks System Auto-Thanks System will not auto-message self nick and Chanserv Script default colors changed to new “Black & Yellow” color theme Bot nicks will be now highlighted in Yellow to avoid seeing their Nick names Minor bug fixes VirusTotal rechecked and still 100% SAFE as of 09/28/2023
  12. Between tg007.net and me we try to keep all the old IRC scripts as much as possible. all the old IRC script sites have been deleted or gone ..so were trying!!
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