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yossarian-bot 1.0.0

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About This File

An entertaining IRC bot that's easy to extend.


  • Simple real-time administration.
  • Unix fortunes (fortune must be present)
  • Catch-22 quotes
  • UrbanDictionary queries
  • Wolfram|Alpha queries
  • Smart weather queries (Wunderground)
  • Google searches
  • YouTube searches
  • ROT13 message "encryption"
  • Magic 8 Ball queries
  • Dictionary queries (Merriam-Webster)
  • Cleverbot discussions
  • Channel 'seen' log
  • Link compression (TinyURL)
  • ...and much more!


First, clone the repo and install yossarian-bot's dependencies:

$ git clone https://github.com/woodruffw/yossarian-bot
$ cd yossarian-bot
$ bundle install

If you get errors during the bundle installation process, make sure that you're using Ruby 2.7 and have Ruby's development headers installed. You may need them from your package manager. Earlier versions of Ruby might work, but are not guaranteed or tested.

yossarian-bot also requires API keys for several services. Make sure that they are exported to the environment (or set in the configuration) as follows:

  • Weather Underground - WUNDERGROUND_API_KEY
  • Merriam-Webster - MERRIAM_WEBSTER_API_KEY
  • YouTube (v3) - YOUTUBE_API_KEY
  • Open Exchange Rates - OEX_API_KEY
  • Giphy - GIPHY_API_KEY
  • AirQuality - AIRNOW_API_KEY

Additionally, the fortune utility must be present in order for Unix fortunes to work correctly. Some package managers also provide the fortunes, fortunes-off, and fortunes-bofh-excuses packages for additional fortune messages.


Once all dependencies are installed, yossarian-bot can be run as follows:

$ ruby bot-control.rb start
$ # OR:
$ ruby yossarian-bot.rb # not run in background

Using Docker

docker build -t yossarian-bot:latest .
docker run -v $PWD/config.yml:/config.yml yossarian-bot

Using the bot

Configuration Options

yossarian-bot is configured via a YAML file named config.yml.

Look at the example config.yml to see a list of optional and required keys.


There are a bunch of commands that yossarian-bot accepts. You can see a complete list in the COMMANDS file.


yossarian-bot matches all HTTP links and messages the title of the linked HTML page. This feature can be disabled by adding LinkTitling to the server's disabled_plugins array in config.yml.

Messages of the form s/(.+)/(.+) are also matched, and the first pattern matched is applied to the user's last previous message, with the second match replacing it. For example, a typo like "this is a setnence" can be corrected with s/setnence/sentence. This feature can be disabled by adding RegexReplace to the server's disabled_plugins array in config.yml.

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