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  1. It's come to a lot of buzzen chatter's attention when you are chatting and all of a sudden you see someone getting banned from a room for no apparent reason & just because the owner felt like it. To begin with the room was taken at a nasty way from the owner's and this new owner takes power trips on the people that tell her off with her little snitches spying. This is how bad Buzzen has become!! (sad)(sad) But its becomming noticeable more and more and someone is watching that can turn the tables very very soon. So I'm suggesting to all chatter's if your not contend make a move. Your not alone!! 😁
  2. Happy Birthday Cherish 🎂:th_091_-2:

  3. New Addon for DevilScript alarm and clock module
  4. I have been playing this game for many years and they still continued it for windows 10 I just cannot get enough of this game. Looking to download best place is here. Dune 2000: GruntMods Edition | GruntMods
  5. Version 1.0.0


    DEPENDENCIES mIRC v6.34. Consider yourself lucky if it works with any other version. INSTALLATION 1. Extract the script files wherever you want. 2. Open mIRC. 3. Type in Status: /load -rs x:\path\to\tracker.mrc 4. If asked, click Yes to allow initialization commands. UPGRADING 1. Close mIRC. This will make mTorrent save all its important data. 2. Backup your trackerinfo.dat 3. Extract the new mTracker files, overwriting the existing ones. 4. Put your old trackerinfo.dat file back. 5. Start mIRC. You've upgraded. USAGE Start and stop the tracker from the menubar popup menu or with the /starttracker and /stoptracker commands. The announce URL is displayed when the tracker starts. Use it when creating your torrent files. The web interface displays the hashes(torrents) and peers that the tracker is tracking. This is strictly a statistics page; you can't control the tracker from it. Open it from the menubar popup menu. Full list of commands: /starttracker - Starts the tracker /stoptracker - Stops the tracker /trackerport tracker 6969 - Changes tracker port to 6969 /trackerport httpd 6970 - Changes web interface port to 6970 /trackerhost domain.com - Sets the tracker's hostname /trackerhost -unset - Unsets the current hostname /trackerwebadmin user X - Sets webadmin username to X /trackerwebadmin pass X - Sets webadmin password to X /trackerdebug - Toggles debugging /wimiplookup - Gets your WAN IP from whatismyip.com /trackerunload - Uninstalls the tracker UNINSTALLATION (A) Use the menubar popup menu and choose Uninstall. or (B) Type in Status: /trackerunload FAQ Q. I don't have a static IP address so the announce URL's in my torrents stop working every time it changes. What do I do? A. What you want is a hostname to put in the tracker URL so that you can redirect that hostname to your new IP address as it changes. DynDNS (http://www.dyndns.com/services/dns/dyndns/) offers this service for free. Once you've created your hostname, type in /trackerhost yourdns.dyndns.org in Status and a new announce URL for you to use will be displayed. Q. What are these trackerdebug files in the script folder? A. They contain debugging data that's useful to me should something break. Without them it's hard to determine what caused the error. Having this data available would be very helpful in case you ever want to report a bug, but if they bother you the debugging can be turned off with the /trackerdebug command. A good middle-ground may be to simply delete the debug files every so often to keep them from taking too much space. Q. What is the trackerwww.log file in the script folder? A. This is a log of the requests sent to the web server. The script considers this debugging data, so you can turn it off using the /trackerdebug command. Q. Hashes I don't know about keep showing up in the web interface. What are these and why are they there? A. Some BitTorrent clients will try to ask multiple known trackers for peers in an effort to locate as many peers as possible. This isn't limited to the trackers entered in the .torrent file they have running at the time. It is also very possible for the users themselves to manually add your tracker in their torrent client in the hope of finding more peers through it. It could, of course, also be as simple as someone else using your tracker for their torrents without asking for your permission first. Q. How do I prevent others from using my tracker in their torrents? A. You don't. There's no passkey or other authorization feature built into mTracker. Maybe in a future version, eh? Q. Can I modify mTracker as I see fit and make my own version available for others to download and use? A. I reserve no rights for this script; it is in the public domain. If you want to change it, build on it, release your own version of it or whatever, by all means go right ahead. In fact, if you think you've made good improvements on it, I'd be interested in seeing what you did myself. I only ask that you not call your version "mTracker" as to avoid confusion.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Installation: 1. Unzip folder. 2. Copy Sudoku folder to your mIRC directory. 3. Then either go to remotes and load the Sudoku.ini file from the Sudoku folder. or Type: /load -rs suduko\sudoku.ini 4. Click yes on the command box thats opens, to initiate load commands. Installation complete... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game Play: The script file contains popups for the game, which are accessible on the menubar, status window and channel window. Alternatively the game window can be opened by typing the command /sudoku. 1. Press new game. 2. Select a difficulty level. or Download a game from www.websudoku.com 3. Click on start. 4. Click on grid locations and type a number. Numbers can only be input in locations where the grid shows a red square. You can choose to use pencil function when unsure about a number. REMEMBER THAT IN ORDER TO COMPLETE AND CHECK THE GAME, ALL VALUES MUST BE ENTERED WITH PEN TOOL. 5. Click on check, to start the checking process. Enjoy the game... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Known Bugs: 1. In the checking process, a while loop kills when a number is not located. Already working on a fix for this, it shouldn't make much difference to game play, or your IRC experience, as WhileFix.dl has been implemented. Until this is fixed, if the checking process stops type ctrl + break. 2. The game downloading time may vary, or give socket/aline errors. I'm still trying to improve the html parsing process, its giving me problems as the values needed are stored as READONLY VALUE="*" attributes in <INPUT> tags. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Future Additions: 1. A facility to store game winning times, and create a personal records window. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ eof - Best viewed with; Courier New - 10
  7. Version 1.0.0


    MasterMind is an ageless game of logic and deduction where your code-craking skills are put to the test. Try to guess (or break) your opponents colour code before you run out guessing rows. There are 6 colours, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green and Purple. An opponent creates a 4 colour code from these (using any or all of the colours) and starting on Row 1 you use the clues given by the opponent in trying to conclude what his code was. Sounds easy? It can be if you know how to read the clues and turn them into answers. The only clues that are given are shown through the use of black and white pegs. A black peg means you guessed the colour correctly and in the right spot! And a white peg means that you guessed the colour correctly in that row, but not in the right spot. What makes it even more difficult is that the opponent won't tell you what peg represents what colour in the row, you have to work that out yourself 🙂 MasterMind for mIRC was first developed in early 2003 but was put off until over a year later. Now it's complete with the release of the Single Player portion of the game. The rules are exactly the same as in the regular boardgame except now you can choose how many rows you wish to play, from hard to a custom amount of lines; and the computer randomly picks a selection of colours for you to guess everytime.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    To install: Put all the files in the main mIRC directory. After all the files are in the same directory as the mIRC.exe file type the following in any channel window. /load -rs 8-ball.mrc Once loaded you will be asked to Input your username just enter it in and your good to go. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============= Using 8ball ============= /8b: is the only command that you will need to type in for 8ball, what it does is it allows you to use 8ball, which you normally wouldn't be able to. Syntax: /8b questionhere afterwards it functions like it normally would and answers you're question randomly. !8ball: The main function of this script, it is quite simple really, you just type !8ball questionhere and the script will pick it up. Keep in mind that only other users can use this, for you to do it yourself you must use the /8b command, but it still looks exactly the same to everyone else like nothing changed. !add8ball: This is a command for other users to add their own custom replies, if someone with the name Zamfir typed !add8ball NOO!! a new response would be added to the list of responses. NOO!! (Added by: Zamfir) ============= Set-Up ============= The main controls for this 8ball script are in your channel pop-ups, just right click in any channel window and you will see 8 ball at the bottom of your pop-ups menu. When you click on this it opens up a dialogue with a few nifty functions. On/Off: The first of the functions on the list, this should already be checked, if you uncheck it, it will disable the 8ball reply. Allow Custom Response: This one is off bye default and it is up to you if you want it to be used, the way this works is it allows other users to add their own 8ball responses to your script by the meens of the add8ball command. Syntax: add8ball replyhere. if responses are added in this manner there will be a tag at the end of the response stating who added it. Auto/Manual: Auto Respond: This is the normal setting for how 8ball's are supposed to operate, a user sais a question and a random answer is picked. Manual Response: This is were it gets interesting, what i've done here is set it up so you can stop it from auto responding and choose a yes or no answer yourself. When someone tries to use the 8ball command with manual response set, a dialogue opens up with two buttons, Yes and No. Be wary when you click the yes or no it does not close the box, instead it stays open for even quicker responses when people are using it. Just x out when you are done. The yes and no answers are controlled by the two files 8ballY.txt and 8ballN.txt. If you want more answers to work for manual response you can add to those files, just add a new line for every answer. Unload: Pretty self explanatory.. when you click on this a dialog opens up confirming whether or not you want to unload the script. When you do, all variables are unset and the script removed from mIRC. All Responses: This is just a nifty little list were you can see all the responses for 8ball, if you add new responses to the list's they will show up no problem, and a bar to scroll down will appear. Extra's: This button open's up a new dialog with a few extra features inside. Change Main Username: this basically sets a new name to be used with the script, if your current nickname does not match whats entered here the script will not auto reply. Change Color Output: This changes the look of the 8ball responses\notifications. Echo Colors -> Active: This echo's a test response in your active window to see what it looks like. Manage Response List: From inside this dialog you can add\delete\edit the auto response's. To delete a response just double click it in the list. Note: beside each response in this list is a number followed by a :, these are not part of the responses they are just showing what number response it is. Add New Response: Shouldn't be to hard to guess what this does, when clicked an input window open's up. Just enter in a new 8ball auto response, Ex: Hell YEA!!. When you click ok and return to the dialog the list will be updated. Edit Response: This button will only work if a response is selected in the list once clicked a small dialog will open up with the response inside and edit box, modify it the way you see fit and click ok to save the modification. If you mess up the reply and you want it back to how it was before clicking cancel will restore it. Response Method: Respond via Channel: When this is selected all responses either from auto or manual will be sent to the channel the user used the command from. Respond via Query: If this option is selected, a user can still use the !8ball command from a channel but the response will instead be sent to them in the form of a private query. Respond via Notice: Last of the responses is a notice response, when this is selected a user can still use !8ball in a channel, but instead of sending it to a channel or a private query, it sends a private message to them. Loafs 8Ball
  9. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    A very complexed bot Important to read the installation files and etc LB-Readme.rtf
  10. Version 1.0.0


    1. What is AwaySystem? AwaySystem is a mIRC 5.61 addon that enhances mIRC's Away feature. mIRC 5.61 is REQUIRED to run this script because of the advanced dialog features used in this script. As of this script date, mIRC 5.61 is the current version. AwaySystem lets you specify an away message, and it announces it to all the channels you're currently on, instead of quietly like /away does, unless you choose to go Away quietly. All is done through a series of graphical, easy to understand dialogs. AwaySystem allows logging channel messages, notices and private messages into one convienent window for viewing while you are away. You may also receive CTCP PAGE messages while you're in Back mode, which logs these messages in a seperate window. Other features include the ability to automatically change your nickname to a preset AwayNick, and restore the old one on return to back mode. IdleAway and AutoIdent were new features introduced in version 2.0. IdleAway allows setting to Away automatically if you haven't been on mIRC for the specified amount of time, and AutoIdent will automatically send a NickServ IDENTIFY request when you return to back mode so that your primary nickname will have already been identified with the password. A new feature added into AwaySystem 2000 is StealthAway. StealthAway allows you to enter Away mode without saying your away message to the channel. In StealthAway, when setting to Back mode, it will set back Quietly. A few other enhancements include a few Dialog mods, and a few modifications to routines that play sound events, and write logging events. Which improves AwaySystem's Win32 Long Filename support. End result, a couple KB shaved off the script, and filenames aren't shortened when you bring up the Configuration dialog for the log folder and sound events. The AwaySystem Logviewer now automatically updates when new events are received while it's open. You can now enter Away mode while you're offline, and AwaySystem will set you away when you connect to IRC. For a total list and explanation of features, I encourage you to install and read the AwaySystem help once you've set up AwaySystem. ------------------------------------- 2. What is included in the ZIP File? These files should be included in the ZIP file. I will explain what each file does here. awaysys.mrc - The heart of AwaySystem.. This file is the code for the AwaySystem script ashelp.msg - The AwaySystem help file. This file explains each feature of AwaySystem. Installation of this help file is purely optional. It is not needed for AwaySystem to function. readme.txt - This readme document (duh!) ---------------------------------------- 3. Installing and setting up AwaySystem First unzip the files to the destination folder.. This could be any folder you wish, but I recommend using the root mIRC Folder (generally C:\mIRC) for easier access. If you do not want the AwaySystem help, you may save yourself the 8KB it requires for disk space by not unzipping it.. But I HIGHLY Recommend you read it, especially if you've never used AwaySystem before. Notice: In this explanation I am assuming you did unzip these files to your mIRC Folder. If you didn't, be sure to add the correct path in the MS-DOS style (eg C:\My Mirc would be C:\Mymir~1). For the correct MS-DOS name, double click My Computer and right click the folder you wish to use, and click properties.. Look for the MS-DOS name. This is a 'feature' in all versions of 32-bit mIRC. Step one: Launch mIRC. Step two: In the Status window, type: /load -rs awaysys.mrc Step three: If prompted to Initilize the script, choose yes. You should get the message "*** AwaySystem 2000 by mudpuddle loaded!" and the AwaySystem Configuration dialog should pop up. If it does not, right click in the status window and see if there is an AwaySystem entry.. If so, point to it, and click Configure AwaySystem. If not, repeat the last step. Step four: Configure your options.. Don't be afraid to see what they do! Use the help utility to learn more about AwaySystem features! Step five: Enjoy my script! I've put alot of time into it to make sure it is worth downloading and worth your time to use. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it! -------------- 4. Credits I'd like to give thanks to these people for putting up with me begging them to Beta test and review AwaySystem. Thanks guys! swiftlysweet ^msw^ Cewks10 [DJ]Exode Phnx dmmc^ ---------- Enjoy! -mudpuddle
  11. Version 1.0.0


    // Use: Press /awsystem to start the script. On this first (System tab) screen you can see: - away message: in the editbox can you set your own away reason. - /me message on away/back: if checked, this wil show a message in your current active channel when you are going AWAY (not on a nickchange!). - awaylogger: this will remember a message to you if your name is mentionned in it. - away modes: if you press on one of this buttons, the script will set you away (with the standard away reason if you didn't fill in a reason in the away reason editbox). - fast nickchange: if you use this buttons, your nick will change with the suffix on which button you pressed (e.g. Test`Busy (means you are busy and you pressed on the busy button)). - BACK: sets you BACK at any times (you return to your normal nick and if you went away, your state is now back again). On the second screen can you set an away suffix by yourself (you can set it also with a reason on screen 1), if you use this, you are AWAY! You can also set a custom nickCHANGE, you set the suffix, if you use this only your nick will change, you are NOT away. If you press the AWAYSTATS button, a small window will open with some stats: - The total times you have been away and auto-away - Your total away time - The average time you have been away In the setup screen you have to set: - Your standard nick (e.g. TESTOR). - The away prefix (e.g. TEST (or TESTOR)). - The separator = the sign between your away nick and the suffix. (e.g. ^ ) - Sep. suffix = separator suffix: for example when you want to set this nick TEST[AWAY], you need to set the separator to [ and the sep suffix to ] If you want to set this nick TEST^away the separator is ^ and the sep. suffix is empty. - Auto away sets you away after a period of X minutes idling, that means after X minutes not thouching your keyboard. - The query script gives the people who queried you a sign how long you have been away or idle. THATS IT, HAVE FUN!!!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Installation ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Part 1. Unzip advancedwhois.zip into any directory. The files contained in the .zip should be: ReadMe.txt (This File) advancedwhois.mrc (The script File) If any of these files are missing, please e-mail me at ewitt@maine.rr.com and I'll send you the full file. Part 2. In the mIRC chat box, type: /load -rs advancedwhois.mrc Then just whois someone!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Scripted IDENTd Server for mIRC 6.14 (tested) You can access the Config Dialog in any Status Window and the Menu Bar "advIDENTd" or type: /advIDENTd You add an IP Address or Hostname which is requesting an IDENT Reply, you can see the requests mostly in the 1st Status Window, and add the reply which should be send to the requesting IP. If an IP is requesting, which is not added in the Config Dialog, it sends the Default Reply from the mIRC Options Dialog. This enables you to connect to different IRC Servers with different IDENTs. Remember if your SCRIPT has an included IDENTd Server you must DEACTIVATE it. Installation: --------------- If the files are in the same dir like mirc.exe Type: /load -rs advIDENTd.mrc And click on Yes Or simply load it with the mIRC-Editor (Remote Script) And click on Yes Thanks goes out to: My beta tester Team and especially CruNcher
  14. Version 1.0.0


    CAUTION!! - Unload & delete old AFP files before installing! *********************************************************************** HOW TO INSTALL Important Note: Do not install afp2.ini as it will automatically load after afp.ini is loaded. Both afp.ini and afp2.ini must be in same directory. It doesn't matter which directory they are in as long as they are both together. If afp2.ini is missing or in another directory, afp.ini will unload itself. In any mIRC editbox use the following example: /load -rs afp.ini For loading AFP from different directory than your current mIRC directory use the following example: /load -rs c:\windows\afp.ini
  15. Version 1.1


    Usage :: /+seen or Seen system in MenuBar Storage :: Seen system stores information about nicks in hash tables. So when it is saved, there will be file "aaseen.htb" ir mirc dir. It stores information individualy for one channel, for egzample: if it stores information on #mirc and #seen and if somebody types !seen nick in #seen, it will only lookup information on #seen, even if nick is or was on #mirc. Help :: Channels :: Add channels on which you want to store seen information. On removing channel from list you will be asked to clear seen history for this channel, click yes to clear, or no to leave it. Options :: For seen choose prefix, sending information type and set ignore time in seconds that system not flood itself, when !seen is used frequently. History :: Check "auto clear history older than::" to clear history periodicaly automatic and choose prescription time between 5days, 2weeks or 4weeks. You can clear history manual if you want. Set delay time in minutes to set how often history should be cleared automaticaly.
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