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Global Vastu is found very rare as not everyone is aware about it. The way vastu is been portrayed in today’s time is somewhere very contradicting to the old one. The spread and influence of Vastu has been witnessed in the contemporary era. So a vastu expert who has experience of both the era’s can tell the best about Global vastu. Education and appropriate theoretical knowledge plays a vital role in building the image of vastu shastra as a whole. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the ocean of education, knowledge and experience all together. He has spoken a lot about Global Vastu, its myths and truths, dos and don’ts. He has been felicitated with lots of trophies and medals for his commendable work each time. The dedication he has towards his profession is fascinating on its own. His analysis qualities set an example in the field of vastu. He believes in logic over anything and each of his action justifies the same. He has guided thousands of clients from the globe that belongs to the southern hemisphere and all of them are very happy with his work. He is the first vastu expert who did research and analysis about the southern hemisphere and wrote a book on it.

Southern Hemisphere Vastu Shastra

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