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  1. So this isn't a script you can run, but it is a game you can play which has been written in mIRC. PiratesIRC is a pirate themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and is greatly inspired by "Sid Meier's Pirates!". How is any IRC game MMORPG? PiratesIRC features cross IRC network play. Each ship is representative of an IRC network. Ships can affect the game world by raiding ports, fighting other ships, dispatching monsters, completing treasure hunts, looting treasure, etc. On each ship, players can duel, rob, troll, n' charver each other to become the Captain. The Captain is the richest player on the ship. The Captain can reward or punish players under his command and sail the ship to other ports, start parties, be mutinied and much more. PiratesIRC has been in active development since 2017 and new features are continually being added. The current code base is 103,653 lines o' code n' weighs in at 4.9MB in 23 files! It is currently on 6 different networks and they are listed here. There is an addon script which works in mIRC and AdiIRC which adds sounds to game events. You can access it at: https://github.com/PiratesIRC/PiratesIRC-Sound-Script
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