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Mass join protection

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Stomps out large amounts of clones/spam bots from entering your channel. Triggered at 7 joins in 5 seconds, it automatically locks down the channel and kicks out all the clones/spam bots that come in.

Just copy and paste to your remotes After loading if it asks to run initialization commands, click "Yes". Then right click and go down to MASS JOIN KICKER II and it can be toggled on and off.

;By Neo Nemesis
;Contributors: Jethro_
;Thanks to: Hawkee Forums

on *:START: { massjoin }
on *:LOAD: { massjoin }
on *:CONNECT: { massjoin }

alias -l massjoin { if ($hget(massjoin) == $null) { hmake massjoin 750 } }
alias -l abmj { 
  echo -a 12,1*!14 MASS JOIN KICKER II 12!*
  echo -a 12,1*!14 By Neo Nemesis 12!*
  echo -a 12,1*!14 http://mirc-deluxe.webs.com 12!* 

on @*:JOIN:#: {
  if (%massjoin == $true) {
    set -u15 %mj1 $addtok(%mj1,$nick,44)
    hinc -mu5 massjoin JOIN 1
    if ($hget(massjoin,JOIN) >= 7) {
      if (%modechan != $true) {
        mode $chan +im
        set -u15 %modechan $true
        set -u15 %mj2 1
        notice $chan 12*! 4MASS JOIN DETECTED12 !* 2- 12channel locked down for4 5-7 minuets.12 Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
        .timermjs 1 300 mode $chan -im
      while (%mj2 <= $numtok(%mj1,44)) {
        if ($gettok(%mj1,%mj2,44) ison $chan) && ($gettok(%mj1,%mj2,44) !isreg $chan) {
          if (%mj2 <= 8) { .timermj $+ %mj2 -m 1 $calc(780 * %mj2 kick $chan $gettok(%mj1,%mj2,44) 2MASS JOIN KICKER II - By Neo Nemesis }
          elseif (%mj2 > 8) { .timermj $+ %mj2 -m 1 $calc(897 * %mj2) kick $chan $gettok(%mj1,%mj2,44) 2MASS JOIN KICKER II - By Neo Nemesis }
        inc %mj2
menu status,query,nicklist,channel {
  MASS JOIN KICKER II - $iif(%massjoin = $true,ON,OFF)
  .ON:/set %massjoin $true
  .OFF:/set %massjoin $false


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