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Hybrid FlashIRC 1.1 1.1

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Welcome to HybridFlashIRC 1.1 for Buzzen.net


Whats new?


Added GamePack Dialog

Revamped Status Dialog

Addy Kicker/Badword Kicker now reads from txt files.

Fixed some more bugs..

Added new way of Welcoming members, now 5 ways.

Added new return message settings now 5 way messaging.

Moved some stuff from the menu bar to the status dialog.

Changed subject kicker to add txt type subject kicker.

Updated Moschino to the latest version (2.36)

Added the Profile Manager(Thanks Dabba for getting it out)

Added New Subject kicker, well changed the older one to be more customizable

Added a badname kicker, now you can add names to a txt, that you don't want allowed in the room.

Added kicks for the away messages, including emote flood, badwords, and addykick.

Added kicks for Whispers, does about the same as the away message kicks.

Changed the onjoin.mrc Privmsg's to Notice, lot better onjoin room experience.

Changed most Prvmsg to Notice, like showed above.

Cleaned up the mode dialog, so now only modes that work on buzzen are compatible.

Added a new Script Kicker posted on Dabba's site for buzzen, Credit to Travis

Added controls for the onjoin messages and commands, some thought the participant part was a pain.

Changed the Blackjack to a better one credit to Pete.

Added Superslots, not sure who to credit this game to.

Added Owner, Host and HelpOp Away Hammer, Credit to Rumbaar and myself. Also fixed the bug with the hammers away on Host.


Be sure you turn all the options you want to on, they are all set to off by default, also be sure to setup your works with the buttons in the Status Dialog.


Any question feel free to visit Rumbaar's site or http://jeremystcyr.com or any other available scripting site, new feature for next Hybrid you want or a certain bug or problem your having? come to http://jeremystcyr.com/forums/ and Post your problem or request there. I check on the site mostly at night. and here mostly at night.


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