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PAPAROACH Script 1.0.0

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About This File

Chatting online with friends and getting to know new people is one of the top activities ever since the Internet made communication among peers possible. Most users prefer instant messaging clients because they are easier to use and there are numerous dedicated programs to choose from.

A utility a bit more different than the majority of its siblings is mIRC and it is very appreciated for its extensible character which allows pretty much anyone, without requiring advanced knowledge or some set of skills to add new functions through simple scripts.

For those who don't want to spend any time to make these add-ons themselves, a huge number of ready-made solutions are up for grabs. PAPAROACH Script is one such tool and what makes it more special are the built-in utilities that allow for a lot of operations to take place.

After the installation is done, the users will practically have at their disposal a modded mIRC, in which the PAPAROACH menu is the highlight. Inside are several functions and tools which cover everything from channel and user related commands to extras like a dictionary, a calculator, a music player and some Internet and file explorer applications.

Modifying the current nickname, finding a specific server using some special filters and activating the auto-join feature for some channels are also possible with PAPAROACH Script. There is also an IP Lookup program as well as a so-called Cyber Kit, which can be used to send ping, traceroute, whois and other types of queries.

Those who want to kill time for a while have not been forgotten and for them a special edition of the famous 'Snake' game is packed inside this software solution and ready to be played right inside the mIRC window.

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