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Battle Arena 1.1

About This File

Battle Arena is an mIRC game in which you join and kill monsters and bosses to gain orbs and new weapons/skills/techniques. It’s similar to DMC, as that’s really the inspiration I drew from when I started working on it, but it includes more than just DMC monsters/bosses/weapons/items. The whole purpose was to make an mIRC game that is completely automated in terms of the battle system. There doesn’t need to be a DM around to do !next and control monsters, like in my other major mIRC bot (“Kaiou”).


Here players join the battle when the bot announces an open battle. After a few minutes, it will generate monsters/bosses and have them join the battle and the battle will start. When it’s a monster’s or boss’ turn, they will automatically do their things. When it’s the player’s turn, there’s a few commands you can do (attack with a weapon, attack with a technique, do a skill, use an item). If the player idles for too long the bot will force their turn and skip over them. This is done so that someone can’t disappear for an hour and cause the battle to drag on forever.


There’s a bunch of weapons that can be bought and each weapon has a few techniques attached to them. Unlike in Kaiou, you can’t make your own techniques but rather have to buy them using red orbs that you earn from battle. You buy weapons using black orbs when you obtain via winning boss fights and being alive at the end of one.


That’s really the gist of what the bot is.


The zip contains everything you need to run the game. Make sure you unzip it into a folder like C:\BattleArena\ and if you need help, read the README.txt that's included. If that's not enough help: http://tinyurl.com/7h7mme8 read through this thread as that might help you out.






VERSION 1.1 changes/additions/fixes


* Added new skills

Shadow Copy and Utsusemi have both been added as new skills. Shadow Copy will create a clone of yourself to fight alongside you in battle. Utsusemi will consume a new item, Shihei, to create 2 shadows that will absorb any and all attacks.


* Minor Adjustments

Bosses and NPCs will now get a small boost from the winning streak, and the actual value that is multiplied is based on a range of wins rather than one static value now.


* Custom Skill Descriptions

With !skill desc skillname desc you can now change your skill descriptions to custom ones.


* Bug Fixes

There was a major bug in which passwords weren't being written right for new characters making it impossible to change them later. And there was a bug with the boosts in which it was reading the basestats and not the current battle stats to multiply. Both are fixed now.


OLD CHARACTERS HAVE TO BE ERASED IN ORDER TO MAKE IT WORK RIGHT. Just go into the \characters\ folder and erase everything except new_chr.char (if you created any characters in version 1.0). This should be the only version update that requires this step.


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