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Omega Script is an enhancement of the most popular IRC client in existance for Windows, mIRC.

While easy to use, it is aimed at the more experienced IRC user that wants more control over what is happening on IRC and, eventually, their channel.


The script offers many features to make communicating with other people easier and more comfortable.

However, the script is more focused on useful features, instead of providing 'nukers' or 'war tools' or similar content to annoy other users on IRC.


I want to give Grreny & Mute proper credits: there is code that I have used from them in parts of the script!


Here are a few examples of some of the features included in the script:

  • Great channel and personal protections.
  • Away system with pager and log.
  • Balloon tips to notify you of events.
  • Customizable toolbar, lag graph and much more.
  • Improved channel central with topic preview, extended modes and ban/except/invites control.
  • RSS newsticker support.
  • Statistics, system information and usage histories.
  • Theme engine with lots of themes and easy editing.
  • A clipboard editor, blacklist, clone scanner, alarm timer, kick/ban/dcc histories and much, much more...


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It's an ok IRC script it has a lot of stuff from Noname script! but at least the credit was given when due. but he continues to update all of his scripts. He has since updated and added more and more of his own work into this script.

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