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Pakistan Script 4 4.0

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About This File

Chang log in version 4:
- Fixed bug of quit through SendQ Exceeded on Pvt flood
- Improve stability during flood in ping time, this will not let you excess flood any way.
- Automatically handle all kinds of pvt flood dcc, notices,query msg, ctcp.
- Improve Clones detected merged with user join line to maintain the screen neat.
- Fix the bug - Sounds was not off/on completely.
- Fix the issue of compatibility with latest versions of Mirc.
- Increase the window size of Quotation Manager
- Added the dialog of Slap so unique new slaps can be edited their
- Improved Auto Join addon so it delay between joining channels and not get lag
- Improved the mass join kick by adding zack^ codes (amended by me) so it collects the ips and ban them
- Check previous text scanner upon right clicking will summarize the specific text from the screen in separate window
- Added Acronyms Text 5 in Black color plus it will write first alphabet in Capital of each word
- Various other issues fixed

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Can you please post the updated version of this script? I tested this script and most of the features of this script aren't working such as secure query, trivia and other games, flood protection, etc. I would really appreciate it if you could upload an updated one that has the features working.

Appreciate the efforts 🙂

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