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  1. The Servers have been released to the public. As I said, 100 connection servers are free to download. I will give free help to set up and give interested people the upgraded Web chat. A free server with SSL secure Mirc and web chat can be yours. Even if you're not a good coder. All on your own website to edit as you please. I have the full professional server, so please feel free to test anything on my sites. Any questions, please post below.
  2. Chat server is very near release to the public in 2 weeks. Free version will have 100 connections. It will have a basic white web chat but contact me for the developed web chat I have coded, you can edit from there. A secure web chat that you own on your server to edit as you please. I will give all links out on release time. The server admin is all on dialogue pages, so no hard coding. EXE. Install and you're done. Cheers
  3. Yes, happy birthday errOr. Hope you have a wonderful Day.
  4. Pk.

    Tat's Trivia Bot 3.58

    There is a newer version 3.7. I tried it, but it does not read all question texts correctly, I found it throws errors. The Version Chain has posted above works great with all types of questions.
  5. It's been months in the making and this is the first stable release. With many more upgrades to come. Mirc Secure Mirc Chat, no connection script needed. /server ircxchat.com:+6697 or +994 Server Is IRC/IRCX protocol, so most snippets will work without editing. Web Chat Secure Web Chat that can be embedded/Iframed on to your website. Unicode nicknames and the list goes on. No branding, it will look like your own chat! Tabbed chat rooms all on one page. I can make up a set of pages dedicated to your room. Contact me. Eg. https://www.ircxchat.com/sonic/red.html The chat is more like a Mirc and the rooms list is available after you connect. Mobile friendly also. Security is becoming a big issue with all browsers and this chat is totally Secure https://www.ircxchat.com Feel free to check it out, the server can handle 50,000 connections. Dreaming right, but that's what it can handle. When we release these servers, they can be linked together. Any questions, post below. Trying to keep IRC alive for the future!
  6. The answer to your question is the chat server is being built now. Secure Mirc and web chat connections. Having a connection script is a big hold back, and in this new chat system you won't need one. The web chat will be able to securely Embed/Iframe on to any website. It has Ircx protocol, so it can do #chatrooms and %#chatrooms and Unicode nicks. The list goes on. I will release it here first on Coders-Resources
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