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Found 1 result

  1. In Memoriam 2014-11-13 By caf In In Memoriam. From its humble beginnings to the latest release, BitchX has always been about community. Over the years, a handful of people have voluntarily contributed a great deal of time and energy to the project by writing scripts, providing support, troubleshooting, patches, enhancements - or simply making BitchX a fun thing to be involved with. With such a long history, we have had our losses. Several of the friends that we came to regard as a kind of extended family left us before their time, and we would like to remember them here. ssshooter Jason Higham, known to his friends on IRC as ssshooter, left us on July 11th, 2004. He is remembered fondly by his family and friends. sellfone On the 18th of July, 2004, our dearly missed friend Miles Wilson (also known as sellfone) passed away in his sleep. turtlex Amy Elizabeth Haskew died on June 16, 2009 at 34. Goodbye turtlex, you'll always be remembered as someone very kind, and wise beyond your years. frash RIP Marc Casillo aka frash [25/Nov/1970 - 28/Sep/2009] void Matthew Luberto, known to his many friends online as void, passed away in his sleep on February 16, 2013 in his 38th year. We'll miss you, void. https://sourceforge.net/p/bitchx/git/ci/master/tree/
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