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Found 6 results

  1. I like to Thank err0r for a great job he's doing on Relay Radio website. He has done so much for the site and added stuff that will make all the DJ's Happy. So with that said thanks Bro appreciate all you do for us.                             ⋆*⁎ ᎢℋᎪɳᏦ ᎩӫᏌ ⁎*⋆
  2. Looking for a great Radio to listen too. Well we have it for you with nonstop Dj's doing there thing and playing Awsome Music. Relay-Radio tune in at Relay-Radio - Homepage And if your looking for extra fun come on in to Buzzen Sports Bar where all the DJ's hang out with the chatter's Buzzen Chat - Free Chat Network
  3. We at Relay-Radio would like to thank all the people that came out to donate & have fun with our radiothon. At the same time we like to thanks all the dj's for there massive time and great shows they put on for all of us. Thanks to all 😀
  4. Join the DJ's of Relay-Radio today @ 5:30pm EST for their first Relay Radiothon. Starting with DJ Mario! Lets support the dj's and have a great time!!! Join in the fun & make your song requests & have a blast. Many rooms support Relay-Radio from openminded to Coder-irc-lounge or just join Relay-Radio room. Lets show our support for the greatest radio station on Buzzen 😎
  5. Tuesday DJ_Tweets 8pm EST Rock night with Tweets            https://www.relay-radio.com            Buzzen %#Relay-Radio            IRC-Community %#Relay-Radio             Join us have a blast with Relay-Radio DJs            Request songs & Enjoy the Tunes!!
  6. Relay-Radio hit off last night on Buzzen with DJ Tweets starting off the show and right after came Tim.Buzzen had officially opened %#Relay-Radio room and most of the Sizzle radio chatters tuned into Relay-Radio, was a fun night until i had to leave but the music and djs were amazing!! Now also Relay-Radio is also on IRC-Community chat and also on IRC server's such as koach.com and coders-irc they plan on expanding to other servers such as freenode and rizon which is quite amazing!! if your looking for the website and the dj time scheduling here it is https://www.relay-radio.com/#
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