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Trolling 0n IRC

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So what is trolling and who are internet/chat trolls?

Troll (boyar. troublemaker) - a person involved in trolling. Initially, this was the name of the provocative message or action itself. The troll's goal is to produce lulz for himself and the visitors who see through him, at the expense of the less intelligent visitors who spend time and effort fighting him.

The life ideal of the Troll is to interfere with everyone and listen to abuse at his address. If only to infiltrate somewhere where his presence is especially undesirable, to annoy everyone, to infuriate people and make them throw various objects at his head, then he feels that he has spent his time usefully. The highest goal and dream of this dog is to get under someone's feet and make them curse themselves for a whole hour. When he succeeds, his conceit becomes completely unbearable.

Internet Trolls are wild, deeply unhappy, often immoral and immoral, flawed people, with big problems in their personal lives, and sometimes even with mental disorders!


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