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mIRC-Scripting-Language-for-Sublime-Text 1.0.0

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About This File


Updated for mIRC 7.52 (April 2018) Reviewing mIRC 7.54 (December 2018)

This project implements syntax highlighting and autocompletion for mIRC msl. It currently supports:

All /Commands

All $Identifiers

All on EVENTs

Goto Loop highlighting



Comments (; and /*)



User Variables

Params ($1, $2, etc)

Operators (ison, iswm, $+, >=, <=, etc)

Logic (if, else, while, etc)

This project aims to make Sublime Text the premier choice for developing mIRC msl. If you encounter any problems, please create an issue.


Highlighting currently supports all commands and identifiers in mIRC. In addition "on/ctcp/raw events" will also highlight. I try to cover all cases including: commands on new line, commands inline, commands after a |, commands after a {, etc. I welcome any suggestions for improvement.

Auto Completion

Autocomplete will work for all /commands and $identifiers. They will display in the autocomplete popup. Additionally, I have added support for tabbing through the full syntax of /commands through /color (alphabetical). I am adding support for more and hope to support displaying the full syntax of all remaining commands and identifiers in the future.


Option 1 (Package Control)

This package is now available in Package Control. If you have Package Control installed:


Install Package

mIRC Scripting Language (Highlight and Autocomplete)

Option 2 (Manual)

Copy mIRC-msl.sublime-syntax to Sublime\Data\Packages\User folder.

Copy mIRC-msl.sublime-completions to Sublime\Data\Packages\User folder.

You may need to create the Packages\User folder.

Theme Support

A slightly modified theme has been provided in the Extras folder that supports all features of the highlighter. Themes should support the following scopes to support all styles of this highlighter:












Please see the provided theme to see all implemented features. If you prefer to use another theme, file an issue and I'll see if I can modify the theme to work. Additionally, you can use the following to modify it yourself or create a new one: https://tmtheme-editor.herokuapp.com/#!/editor/theme/Monokai


Let me know if you find any bugs by submitting an Issue.

IRC Support

#Computers @ EFNet

#mIRC @ EFNet

Special Thanks

Peace and Protection Script - Lots of complex code from this project that I use to test the highlighter.

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