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mTracker v0.2 BitTorrent Tracker 1.0.0

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About This File

 mIRC v6.34. Consider yourself lucky if it works with any other version.

 1. Extract the script files wherever you want.
 2. Open mIRC.
 3. Type in Status: /load -rs x:\path\to\tracker.mrc
 4. If asked, click Yes to allow initialization commands.

 1. Close mIRC. This will make mTorrent save all its important data.
 2. Backup your trackerinfo.dat
 3. Extract the new mTracker files, overwriting the existing ones.
 4. Put your old trackerinfo.dat file back.
 5. Start mIRC. You've upgraded.

 Start and stop the tracker from the menubar popup menu or with the
 /starttracker and /stoptracker commands. The announce URL is displayed
 when the tracker starts. Use it when creating your torrent files.
 The web interface displays the hashes(torrents) and peers that the
 tracker is tracking. This is strictly a statistics page; you can't
 control the tracker from it. Open it from the menubar popup menu.
 Full list of commands:
 /starttracker             - Starts the tracker
 /stoptracker              - Stops the tracker
 /trackerport tracker 6969 - Changes tracker port to 6969
 /trackerport httpd 6970   - Changes web interface port to 6970
 /trackerhost domain.com   - Sets the tracker's hostname
 /trackerhost -unset       - Unsets the current hostname
 /trackerwebadmin user X   - Sets webadmin username to X
 /trackerwebadmin pass X   - Sets webadmin password to X
 /trackerdebug             - Toggles debugging
 /wimiplookup              - Gets your WAN IP from whatismyip.com
 /trackerunload            - Uninstalls the tracker

 (A) Use the menubar popup menu and choose Uninstall.
 (B) Type in Status: /trackerunload

 Q. I don't have a static IP address so the announce URL's in my
    torrents stop working every time it changes. What do I do?    
 A. What you want is a hostname to put in the tracker URL so that you
    can redirect that hostname to your new IP address as it changes.
    DynDNS (http://www.dyndns.com/services/dns/dyndns/) offers this
    service for free. Once you've created your hostname, type in
    /trackerhost yourdns.dyndns.org in Status and a new announce URL
    for you to use will be displayed.

 Q. What are these trackerdebug files in the script folder?
 A. They contain debugging data that's useful to me should something
    break. Without them it's hard to determine what caused the error.
    Having this data available would be very helpful in case you ever
    want to report a bug, but if they bother you the debugging can be
    turned off with the /trackerdebug command. A good middle-ground
    may be to simply delete the debug files every so often to keep
    them from taking too much space.

 Q. What is the trackerwww.log file in the script folder?
 A. This is a log of the requests sent to the web server. The script
    considers this debugging data, so you can turn it off using the
    /trackerdebug command.
 Q. Hashes I don't know about keep showing up in the web interface.
    What are these and why are they there?
 A. Some BitTorrent clients will try to ask multiple known trackers
    for peers in an effort to locate as many peers as possible. This
    isn't limited to the trackers entered in the .torrent file they
    have running at the time. It is also very possible for the users
    themselves to manually add your tracker in their torrent client
    in the hope of finding more peers through it. It could, of course,
    also be as simple as someone else using your tracker for their
    torrents without asking for your permission first.
 Q. How do I prevent others from using my tracker in their torrents?
 A. You don't. There's no passkey or other authorization feature built
    into mTracker. Maybe in a future version, eh?
 Q. Can I modify mTracker as I see fit and make my own version
    available for others to download and use?
 A. I reserve no rights for this script; it is in the public domain.
    If you want to change it, build on it, release your own version
    of it or whatever, by all means go right ahead. In fact, if you
    think you've made good improvements on it, I'd be interested in
    seeing what you did myself. I only ask that you not call your
    version "mTracker" as to avoid confusion.

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