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IRC IceChat9

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Well for awhile i've been trying to connect to Buzzen using iceChat client and always came in as a guest. But after talking to Snerf, we all maybe lucky as he will look into making a plugin for such a commands


[02] so I would need to add some kind of a pre-server auth section, where those commands can be added in

[02] I would love it snerf as i have a lot of ppl asking me if they can hook up to buzzen with it

[02] I think the best to do would be with a Plugin

[02] yup

[02] probably so...

[02] so I will play around with it, see if I can make it connect myself, and then write a plugin. Which means I will have to add afew extra events 007

[02] kool thats snerf

[02] but thats all good, always good to expand the plugin framework

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