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  1. Beta v7.64.6635 changes:1.Item 18, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268624
  2. Coders would like to wish you and your Families all a great and Happy Easter.
  3. Certo cosa posso fare per aiutarti
  4. The listen command now takes an optional IP; allowing you to listen on multiple IPs at the same time ISUPPORT / RAW 005 parsing is now possible. There is still work to be done in the future to automatically integrate some of these values into how Eggdrop interacts with the server, but for now they are available for you to use via the Tcl interface A significant change from RC1 based on feedback: What was previously the addserver/delserver Tcl command in RC1 (used to, surprisingly, add and delete a server from the server list in lieu of the historical "set server" method) is has been refact
  5. Earlier this week, Microsoft released a whole bunch of updates for Windows 10 users. These updates also included KB5000802 cumulative update that caused PCs to crash with 'APC_INDEX_MISMATCH' BSOD error when trying to use printers. Yesterday, Microsoft acknowledged the issue and confirmed that the company was working on a fix for the problem. Now, it has updated the Windows Health status page to include a temporary workaround for the problem. According to Microsoft, the bug affects a subset of Type 3 printer drivers and does not affect Type 4 printers. As such, the company has shared a vi
  6. So I've been experimenting with various IRC clients 1. KVIRc 2. AdiRC 3. HexChat 4. ICEChat 5. HydrIRC There's really 2 that i still continue to use and modify to feed my needs, I choose KVIRc & AdiRC these both allow you to add your own backgrounds and icons. but best of all AdiRC has its own heck server icons for treebar which is kool. both have quite a bit of themes to it and developers are still working on supporting them both.
  7. I've been on this new server called IRCNOw which is a server for the user and they want all users to join the team. more info can be seen at the link at the bottom Read More Here
  8. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::: Coded By eNkIL :::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::: Cambiale si sabes =) ::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ;Connection menu menubar,channel,status { Connect:conn - } alias conn { if ($dialog(connect) == $null) { dialog -m connect connect } else { .echo -a -Dialogo de Conexion Ejecutandose.. } } alias -l conn.load.net { if ($exists(servers) == $false) { mkdir servers | write -c servers\delete.txt DELETE } did -r $dname 101 | %g = 1 while ($findfile(servers\,*.txt,%g)) { did -a $dname 101 $remove($nopath($findfile(servers\,*.txt,%g)),.t
  9. Vorwort Nachdem ich für AdiIRC ein Script gesucht habe, welches Informationen zu verlinkten YouTube Videos anzeigt, wurde hier ich fündig. Allerdings ist das Script von nick1 (illhawkthat) in die Jahre gekommen und funktioniert nicht mehr richtig. Deswegen habe ich ein Rewrite vorgenommen und meine eigene Version erstellt und auf das wesentliche (das Anzeigen von Informationen) reduziert. Bei dieser Neuauflage handelt es sich allerdings nicht um eine perfekte Neuauflage des Scripts von Ich habe mir die Sprache mSL erst ein paar Tage angeschaut und habe entsprechend noch nicht ihre
  10. ;===================================================== ; ChatToIRC ; DIVERSE ZAKEN VOOR ChatToIRC ;===================================================== ;===================================================== ; Auteur: JamesBond ; Homepagina: https://chatplezier.com/ ; Netwerk: ChatPlezier ; Server: irc.chatplezier.com ; Email: jamesbond@chatplezier.com ;===================================================== on ^*:notice:*:?: { if ($nick == BotServ) || ($nick == ChanServ) || ($nick == HostServ) || ($nick == MemoServ) || ($nick == NickServ) || ($nick == OperServ) || ($nick == StatServ) { if
  11. In early November, a developer contributing to Google's open-source Chromium project reported a problem with Oilpan, the garbage collector for the browser's Blink rendering engine: it can be used to break a memory defense known as address space layout randomization (ASLR). About two weeks later, Google software security engineer Chris Palmer marked the bug "WontFix" because Google has resigned itself to the fact that ASLR can't be saved – Spectre and Spectre-like processor-level flaws can defeat it anyway, whether or not Oilpan can be exploited. Or as Palmer put it, "we already
  12. YouTube has long had a version of its mobile app called YouTube Kids that provides a limited experience for kids in terms of videos they can watch on the platform. The app is meant to ensure that children aged four years and above watch only age-appropriate content and set a limit to their screen time. For teens and preadolescents, YouTube acknowledges they have a different kind of need for learning and creativity. That is why the service is introducing a new capability that will allow parents to control the type of content teens and tweens can watch through a supervised account. The
  13. We already know that Bill Gates made the jump to Android back in 2017, presumably from Windows phones. At that time, Gates just stated that he uses an Android device with "lots of Microsoft software", and does not use an iOS handset. Now, the business magnate has revealed why he prefers Android over iOS. In an interview with journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin on Clubhouse, Gates went on to say that: While Gates may prefer Android because of the flexibility it offers and the ecosystem, Clubhouse is still currently an invite-only app currently available just on iPhones. Although Bill Gates has
  14. Microsoft is almost as keen to kill off Legacy Edge, Windows 10's original great browser hope, as it is to stomp on the ancient Internet Explorer – because it looks like it'll be sticking around on the Surface Hub. Ostensibly a celebration of the fact that the Windows 10 Team 2020 update would finally go worldwide (for Surface Hub 2S devices at least) on 23 February, the announcement seemed to hold hope for users still clinging to the obsolete browser. Earlier this month the company warned Windows 10 users that Legacy Edge would drop out of support in March and eventually be stripped
  15. More HereThe U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) on Wednesday indicted three suspected North Korean hackers for allegedly conspiring to steal and extort over $1.3 billion in cash and cryptocurrencies from financial institutions and businesses. The three defendants — Jon Chang Hyok, 31; Kim Il, 27; and Park Jin Hyok, 36 — are said to be members of the Reconnaissance General Bureau, a military intelligence division of North Korea, also known as the Lazarus group, Hidden Cobra, or Advanced Persistent Threat 38 (APT 38). Accusing them of creating and deploying multiple malicious cryptocurre
  16. The PC industry is expected to release 40 new Chromebook models this year, according to Google. This is almost certainly driven by sky-high demand for the basic computing devices, which are especially popular in classrooms home schooling. For context, Chromium.org lists just 20 new Chromebook releases during 2020. During 2019, 39 new releases were listed, although may of these were effectively different permutations of the same device, with only minor differences in terms of processor used, etc. Google said it plans to issue a major overhaul of Chrome OS in March, with the main focus
  17. oday, Microsoft announced its next big Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) releases, which means that they're supported for longer. Both Office and Windows 10 are typically on the Semi-Annual Channel (SAC), which gets feature updates every six months. LTSC releases come every few years. Essentially, both Office and Windows 10 are getting their LTSC releases later on this year. That's what it all adds up to, so for Windows 10, it's going to be the 21H2 release of the OS. There's also a new perpetual license version of Office coming, something that we've known since September, but now we kno
  18. So I"ve Been Playing with Kvirc client and really looked into it and started learning on how to modify it to fit my needs and its finally a part of it has been done. I have implemented my own icon to show on any server who is a legit IRCop. also added room icons and continue to do so with all servers.
  19. Was given this to play with and try to translate it and pass it on to people that love or miss MSN can use this!!
  20. After Twitter permanently suspended Donald Trump’s account, earlier this month, the reactions were quick, ubiquitous, and mostly predictable. Many of the takes seemed canned, the way an obituary of a terminally ill celebrity is often pre-written. On the Trump-apologist right, the suspension was denounced as Orwellian tyranny, deep-state collusion, or worse. (Glenn Beck, during a segment on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, compared the Trump ban and other Big Tech crackdowns to “the Germans with the Jews behind the wall. They would put them in the ghetto. Well, this is the digital ghetto.”) Amon
  21. China has been quietly building an empire across the globe that will soon dominate the world, and not many Americans or Europeans realize it. The United States and its European allies have a reputation for conquest and colonization, but they are not the only superpower nations who are playing the game of imperialism. These countries typically build their empires through war and occasionally through debt, although the debt strategy is mostly used by international organizations like the World Bank, IMF, and UN. However, while these western nations have been getting all of
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