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Microsoft announces Office 2021, LTSC offerings for Office and Windows 10

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oday, Microsoft announced its next big Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) releases, which means that they're supported for longer. Both Office and Windows 10 are typically on the Semi-Annual Channel (SAC), which gets feature updates every six months. LTSC releases come every few years.

Essentially, both Office and Windows 10 are getting their LTSC releases later on this year. That's what it all adds up to, so for Windows 10, it's going to be the 21H2 release of the OS. There's also a new perpetual license version of Office coming, something that we've known since September, but now we know that it's going to be called Office 2021.

The difference with a perpetual license version is that if you buy Office 2021, you own it forever, as opposed to a subscription model where you lose it if you stop paying. Of course, with Office 2021, you don't get new features over time. Office 2021 replaces Office 2019, and it's the first time that the name has increased by any amount of years instead of three in about a decade and a half.

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