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Ghost of Microsoft\'s Legacy Edge browser will linger as the default on Surface Hubs after April execution for desktops

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Microsoft is almost as keen to kill off Legacy Edge, Windows 10's original great browser hope, as it is to stomp on the ancient Internet Explorer – because it looks like it'll be sticking around on the Surface Hub.

Ostensibly a celebration of the fact that the Windows 10 Team 2020 update would finally go worldwide (for Surface Hub 2S devices at least) on 23 February, the announcement seemed to hold hope for users still clinging to the obsolete browser.

Earlier this month the company warned Windows 10 users that Legacy Edge would drop out of support in March and eventually be stripped from the operating system in favour of Chromium Edge as part of the April update. Although the company insisted that "Microsoft Edge Legacy will no longer be on devices" after the update is applied, the rendering engine behind the scenes – EdgeHTML – will linger on.

It seems that users of Microsoft's fancy whiteboard will be given a little extra time with the browser. While users are encouraged to install Chromium Edge, "the Microsoft Edge Legacy browser will remain the default browser on Surface Hubs until its replacement in a future update

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