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Is mIRC still Alive? Heres What Has Happened to mIRC in 2021

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It’s been awhile since we’ve used anything aside from WhatsAppTelegram and the like. So long that we’ve forgotten our old chat rooms are like. Like, you know, mIRC and ICQ.



What happened to mIRC?

So if you’re wondering what has happened to the mIRC, you can rest assured that they’re still alive and kicking (surprise, surprise?).

A quick search will present the official mIRC website, with the registration and download links still up, so you’re free to return to your good ol’ days.

It looks cleaned up as well, with an interface that isn’t too stuffy yet shows you the details neatly.

Doesn’t their adorable logo (which is now 3D, because #everything3D) bring back great memories?

mIRC, known as Internet Relay Chat, started in 1995, was truly the ancestor of modern instant messaging. Created from the need for a chat system for Windows, it grew to be a very popular system for various users.

Gamers in particular found it useful to gather in groups in order to conduct their gaming activities. While mIRC wasn’t the only IRC system around, it was more well-received than others, where many communities stuck to it for discussion and other purposes (you know, “queuing” up to download Mp3?).

They’re still updating the mIRC now, and the recent additions to improve their system this year seem to be helpful in removing bugs and making the user experience more pleasant.

The current system is definitely compatible for Windows XP and above. Looks like they’re keeping up with the times, at least.

But of course, the question we have in mind is this: who’s still using it?

They couldn’t have maintained the server (which cost a lot) and the program for ghost users, right?

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