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It's become fun learning stuff on IRCWX  server its become more and more fun as I go along. it's brought me back to scripting and marketing and etc.

We have tried to target IRC chatters that use Mibbit and other webchat sources, but when it comes down to IRC scripters they don't like change much. 

So hopefully as IRCWX is progressing more in more and we hopefully can connect a portal towards IRC scripters it's a great learning experince and doing this with good friends.

I still believe we can get more chatters on IRCWX Networks and bring back a lot of old chatters!! it takes time but day by day we try. even if we have a few to that come back on means we are moving forward.

The goal is to aim that chatters use this type of network that is safe and more reliable then discord or any other chat source. 

A few of the other Networks were afraid that we were out there to take there chatter's, this was not the case this was for IRC-Community to help IRCWX and maintain a good base that would bring in more people. Also it creates a place were err0r can create and add more to the IRCWX system. It enables us to move forward and help Duke create a chat environment that will grab users to engage with this network.

So lets continue to build IRCWX and great chat place.

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