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GeekShed & RizonIRC User's On gotalk.to

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Last night I had fun chatting with a huge group on gotalk.to with some Rizon IRC users 

Was a blast talking about how script's and websites and coding. I'm pretty much on a lot of server's and i even have a server, and hearing that chat isn't truly dead made me realize it's truly not you just have to find the right rooms on the right server.

Geekshed is quite active and also Rizon I believe all servers have some chat but just locating them is what you need to do. I find scripting rooms less active as they mainly chat on script forum then in there room, but there still there watching in case you need a help in coding. I've made quite a lot of new friends on each server and have caught up with a few from hawkee well know scripter's. And there still active and continue to be active just that they work and some have families so time is less. But isn't that with everyone now.  So I believe chat hasn't died its just the time schedule that effects user's now. but go on weekends and wow chat has risen :04a97f13:

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