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In the coming weeks I will be working on the sister site of ours called coders-irc. This site is mainly knowledge on IRC servers & Scripting & other various programs that are used on IRC servers. We have our Web developer who when he gets a chance will be working on a Forum for here. We have started to add a few pages on the top menu, & will continue adding IRC scripts & Snippets.

Our goal to to keep all irc scripts and snippets alive and handy that people from all various IRC servers will continue to use & continue to make, these snippets and IRC scripts as once was on Hawkee. IRC will never die as people think it has. IRC is alive and kicking thanks to people who run the server Nerds who generate all servers together by pylinking and creating a huge mass of IRC users all together. There are people that want to see IRC once again grow huge as it still unites people from various countries to chat together. 

If you have idea's for the coders-irc site do come on the server & bring your idea's or if you need to see what pylinking is all about come to the server and meet the people that can set you up. 

Our Server Links

1. cs1.coders-irc.net

2. cs3.coders-irc.net

3. irc.coders-irc.net ( round robin)

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