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This is a small update that adds features and addresses a number of issues reported by users since the last release. It includes improvements, changes and fixes, including:

  • Added support for big float calculations using MAPM library.
  • Fixed script parser bug when handling non-while/if { } brackets.
  • Updated zlib library to v1.2.13.
  • Fixed !. command prefixes used infront of while/if commands affecting following command.
  • Added identifiers $cbrt(), $log2(), $powmod(), $modinv(), $gcd(), and $lcm().
  • Changed confirm paste in a single line editbox to only warn if the line contains CRLF characters.
  • Fixed script popup menu in menubar not working in fullscreen mode.
  • Updated OpenSSL library to v1.1.1s.
  • Changed $totp()/$htop() to improve parameter validation and support longer timestep and digits.
  • Changed how $bfind().regex matches against a &binvar.
  • Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.
  • Updated TagLib library to v1.13.
In total, there have been over 20 changes since the last release.

For a full list of recent changes, please see the versions.txt file.

As always, the latest version of mIRC can be downloaded from the download page.

Read full article @ https://www.mirc.com/news.html
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