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Video Game Releases TCL

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Show the 10 upcoming video games from vgreleases.com.


bind pub - !GameNew GameNew

proc GameNew {nick host hand chan arg} {

#(PS3)|(3DS)|(Nintendo DS)|(PC)|(PSP)|(Wii)|(Xbox 360)
  set systems "(PS3)|(3DS)|(Nintendo DS)|(PC)|(PSP)|(Wii)|(Xbox 360)"
  package require http

  set url "http://vgreleases.com/ReleaseDates/Upcoming.aspx"
  set page [http::data [http::geturl $url]]

  set z 0
  putserv "PRIVMSG $chan :Next 10 games comming out"
  while {$z < 10 && [regexp -line {b>(.*?)<\/b><\/a>.*?">(.*?)<} $page a game system]} {

    regexp -line {b>(.*?)<\/b><\/a>.*?">(.*?)<} $page a game system
    regexp -line {;'>(.*?)</span></b>} $page d date
    regsub -line {b>(.*?)<\/b><\/a>.*?">(.*?)<} $page "" page
    regsub -line {;'>(.*?)</span></b>} $page "" page
    if {[regexp $system $systems]} {
      if { [expr { [clock scan $date] - [clock scan seconds] }] > 0} {
        putserv "PRIVMSG $chan :-$date - $game $system"
        incr z


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