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  3. I like to take this time to wish all and there families a Happy New Years. We wish you all the best in Health, Wealth,Family, Friends All the best from coders-IRC
  4. The soulFly connection redone for IRC-Community by err0r I just added it into Buzz zyrus BZSMG 5.1.6.x.rar
  5. Retort Sizin için MSN betiğini arıyorum, umarım haftasonu elimde olur
  6. IRC-Community has a facebook if people are interested IRC-Community | Facebook
  7. Here's a nice flood protection with huge features for anti flooding.
  8. Hackers are very unlikely to break in to SOHO network from serial port, like in this post. This post is showing you that HG8245 can be exploited to get root access from the internet. The root password is permanently stored in the flash ROM and cannot be changed. The setup was very easy. One computer was connected to HG8245 through a LAN cable. Then I ran telnet and use root:admin access. Voila, connection was established! The next commmand was easy, call the shell. telnet Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. Welcome Visiting Huawei Home Gateway Copyright by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Login:root Password:***** WAP>shell BusyBox v1.4.1 (2011-07-29 10:25:20 HKT) Built-in shell (ash) Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands. WAP(Dopra Linux) # grep telecomadmin /mnt/jffs2/hw_ctree.xml <X_HW_WebUserInfoInstance InstanceID="2" UserName="telecomadmin" Password="nE7jA%5m" UserLevel="0" Enable="1"/> WAP(Dopra Linux) # Alright... alright... probably because it is wired directly to LAN. What about telnetting from the internet? First, connect the HG8245 to your ISP provider and find its IP address. Then telnetting... telnet 183.x.x.x Trying 183.x.x.x... Connected to 183.x.x.x. Escape character is '^]'. Welcome Visiting Huawei Home Gateway Copyright by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Login:root Password:***** WAP>shell BusyBox v1.4.1 (2011-07-29 10:25:20 HKT) Built-in shell (ash) Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands. WAP(Dopra Linux) # grep telecomadmin /mnt/jffs2/hw_ctree.xml <X_HW_WebUserInfoInstance InstanceID="2" UserName="telecomadmin" Password="nE7jA%5m" UserLevel="0" Enable="1"/> WAP(Dopra Linux) # Unbelievable! Super scary! Too easy to break in! Anyone owns one of this ONT should try to upgrade to the latest firmware. Better yet, install OpenWrt!
  9. Was good to see an old friend from the past.
  10. 4.1 Released October 13th, 2021 4.1 Released Some new features in this release: Added new edit scripts/aliases/menus/nicklist buttons editor with syntax highlighting support which can be enabled in the options menu Added the ability. Read More Here
  11. New Linux kernel releases seem to pop out quicker than they used to, but since they’re always chock full of welcome improvements I’m not complaining! Linux 5.9 is the latest mainline kernel release to be issued. Linus Torvalds, father of the kernel, announced the new release using his trademark modesty , saying that “…nothing in [this update] gives me any particular reason to delay another week, here we are.” As for Linux 5.9 features there are plenty but if you’re not much of a tech tinkerer, code connoisseur, or a detailed device denizien they won’t seem that interesting. There’s better management of anonymous memory and a new slab memory controller that leads to lower overall kernel memory usage; while support for ZSTD-compressed kernel, ramdisk, and initramfs in the kernel boot process provides opportunities for faster boot times. On the hardware side there’s early-bird support for the upcoming Radeon RX 6000 RDNA 2, Intel Xe and Intel Rocket Lake graphics; overdue inclusion of Intel FSGSBASE support (offering possible performance improvements on Ivy Bridge style chips); and there’s been more effort expended to support USB 4.0. On the ARM front Schedutil is now the default CPU frequency scaling governor for ARM/ARM64; NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 and X2 SoCs now have working audio; a raft of single-boards (old and new) pick up support, including Lenovo’s IdeaPad Duet (an upcoming Chromebook based on the MT8183 (Helio P60t) SoC) and Allwinner sunxi revision v1.2 used in the recent versions of Pine64’s PinePhone. File-system tweaks also feature in Linux 5.9. The BTRFS, XFS, ext4, and F2FS file systems are among those gaining patches, tweaks, and tuning (with the former of these getting a new rescue mount option to group all existing mount options for better recovery). Gamers with the 8bitdo SN30 Pro+ controller can enjoy rumble support with Linux 5.9 courtesy of Microsoft, no less. Finally, if you happen to have one of Lenovo’s ThinkPad 10 Ultrabook keyboard (the detachable one) you will be pleased to hear that it finally works with Linux — support that only took six years to achieve! Head over to Kernel Newbies for a super detailed breakdown of everything mentioned above plus lots more or go direct to the LKML to download the source code for this latest release (or the code for any other release you fancy). Ubuntu 20.10 is due for release on October 22 but will come with Linux 5.8 as this version arrived after kernel freeze.
  12. ;---------< Robo-X - Topic Command: >----------- on 1:text:@topic *:#robots: { if ( $nick isop $chan || $nick ishop $chan ) { set %topic $2- topic $chan Topic: 4 %topic / 7 %status / 3 %static-a / 9 %static-b } } on 1:text:@status *:#robots: { if ( $nick isop $chan || $nick ishop $chan ) { set %status $2- topic $chan Topic: 4 %topic / 7 %status / 3 %static-a / 9 %static-b } } on 1:text:@static-a *:#robots: { if ( $nick isop $chan || $nick ishop $chan ) { set %static-a $2- topic $chan Topic: 4 %topic / 7 %status / 3 %static-a / 9 %static-b } } on 1:text:@static-b *:#robots: { if ( $nick isop $chan || $nick ishop $chan ) { set %static-b $2- topic $chan Topic: 4 %topic / 7 %status / 3 %static-a / 9 %static-b } }
  13. alias sil { if ($me isop $chan) || ($me ishop $chan) { if (!$1) || (!$2) { echo -at * Error: Incorrect syntax used, /sil <nick> <timer in minutes> } elseif ($1) || ($2) { mode $chan +bb ~q: $+ $address($1,2) ~n: $+ $address($1,2) writeini Silence.ini $$1 chan $active if ($$1 ishop $active) { writeini Silence.ini $1 status HOP | mode $active -h $1 } if ($$1 isvoice $active) { writeini Silence.ini $1 status VOP | mode $active -v $1 } $iif($$1 isreg $active,writeini Silence.ini $1 status REG) .timer 1 $calc($2 * 60) desil $1 $address($1,2) $chan } } } on *:JOIN:#: { if ($ini(Silence.ini,$nick,chan)) { if ($readini(Silence.ini,$nick,status) == HOP) { mode $chan -h $nick } elseif ($readini(Silence.ini,$nick,status) == VOP) { mode $chan -v $nick } } } alias -l desil { if ($1 ison $3) { if ($readini(Silence.ini,$1,status) == HOP) { mode $$3 +h $1 | remini Silence.ini $1 } if ($readini(Silence.ini,$1,status) == VOP) { mode $$3 +v $1 | remini Silence.ini $1 } mode $3 -bb ~q: $+ $2 ~n: $+ $2 } elseif ($1 !ison $3) { mode $3 -bb ~q: $+ $2 ~n: $+ $2 | remini Silence.ini $1 } }
  14. So I was bored and noticed GrimReaper's away message and thought to myself, "Hmm.. it would be fun to make an away script!". So here I bring you Away Script Version 1.00 ---General Information--- To use, right click in a channel and go to Away Script then choose whether you want to set yourself as Away w/ Reason or Away w/o Reason. If you choose to set it with a reason, a pop-up box will come up asking you to fill out why you are away (so Away w/o Reason would be good for just taking a bathroom break). So once you get highlighted, it will send the user a memo saying that you are away and the reason you are away. If you set w/o reason, your reason will just be "Busy". Same thing for when your name is mentioned in an action (/me) command. This will also work for when you are sent a Private Message. ---Flood Protection Features--- This script comes with flood protection so someone can't just say your name over and over again so your link would get closed for excess flood. Also, if two people are using the script and one of them mentions the other's name and they are both set as away but the person who talked forgot to unset themselves as away, it won't cause an annoying loop. This sets the variables for each individual nick, so if one person highlights you, the flood protection will only affect them. So others can still highlight you and still get the message without the first person affecting anything. Note that once a user says your name in a channel or PMs you, you won't respond again till after ***5 minutes***. ---Script--- Now that I'm done telling you stuff you're probably never going to read, here's the script! ; --Loading Message-- ON *:LOAD: { //echo -a 4{~!~} 6Away Script Version 1.00 by bradjoe96 was successfully been loaded. //echo -a 4{~!~} 6Questions/Comments? You can find me in #bradjoe96 on irc.geekshed.net //echo -a 4{~!~} 6irc://irc.geekshed.net } ; --Away-- menu * { Away Script .$iif($away == $true,$style(2)) Away w/ Reason:away $$?="Why are you away?" | echo 4AWAY SYSTEM SET TO AWAY Reason: $! .$iif($away == $true,$style(2)) Away w/o Reason:away Busy | echo 7AWAY SYSTEM SET TO AWAY W/O REASON .$iif($away == $false,$style(2)) Here:away | echo 12AWAY SYSTEM SET TO HERE } ON *:TEXT:*:*: { if ($($+(%,awayhighlight,$network,$nick),2)) { return } elseif ($away) && ($istok($1-,$me,32)) { .notice $nick Sorry, I am currently away. Reason: $awaymsg $+ , Please leave your question or comment and I will get back to you when I return. set -u300 $+(%,awayhighlight,$network,$nick) on } } ON *:Action:*:*: { if ($($+(%,awayhighlight,$network,$nick),2)) { return } elseif ($away) && ($istok($1-,$me,32)) { .notice $nick Sorry, I am currently away. Reason: $awaymsg $+ , Please leave your question or comment and I will get back to you when I return. set -u300 $+(%,awayhighlight,$network,$nick) on } }
  15. chain


    It's become fun learning stuff on IRCWX server its become more and more fun as I go along. it's brought me back to scripting and marketing and etc. We have tried to target IRC chatters that use Mibbit and other webchat sources, but when it comes down to IRC scripters they don't like change much. So hopefully as IRCWX is progressing more in more and we hopefully can connect a portal towards IRC scripters it's a great learning experince and doing this with good friends. I still believe we can get more chatters on IRCWX Networks and bring back a lot of old chatters!! it takes time but day by day we try. even if we have a few to that come back on means we are moving forward. The goal is to aim that chatters use this type of network that is safe and more reliable then discord or any other chat source. A few of the other Networks were afraid that we were out there to take there chatter's, this was not the case this was for IRC-Community to help IRCWX and maintain a good base that would bring in more people. Also it creates a place were err0r can create and add more to the IRCWX system. It enables us to move forward and help Duke create a chat environment that will grab users to engage with this network. So lets continue to build IRCWX and great chat place.
  16. # No services privmsg by JohnnyCage set ChanServ_nick "CS" set NickServ_nick "NS" set MemoServ_nick "MS" bind dcc -|- msg check_msg proc check_msg { arg1 arg2 arg3 } { global ChanServ_nick NickServ_nick MemoServ_nick set saob [lrange $arg3 1 end] set kamkogo [lindex $arg3 0] set kamkogo [string toupper $kamkogo 0 end] if {![matchattr $arg1 +n]} { if {$kamkogo == $ChanServ_nick || $kamkogo == $NickServ_nick || $kamkogo == $MemoServ_nick} { putlog "$arg1, only +n flag users can write private with $kamkogo!" return 0 } } putserv "PRIVMSG $kamkogo :$saob" } putlog "No services privmsg loaded"
  17. ### autowhom.tcl v1.0.0, ### by Graeme Donaldson ### Automatically does a .whom when a user logs on to partyline. set awver "1.0.0" set awnver "100000" putlog "Loading autowhom.tcl $awver by Souperman..." bind chon - * awdowhom proc awdowhom {hand idx} { *dcc:whom $hand $idx * } putlog "Successfully loaded autowhom.tcl $awver by Souperman!"
  18. # partyline notify 1.2.1 - by wreck # thanks to: blood_x, ppslim, quasimodo # # Set this to the channel to notify. set party-chan "#Channel #Channel2 #Channel3" proc login:party {hand idx} { global party-chan foreach who [dcclist] { if {[lindex $who 1] == $hand} { if {[string length [set email [getuser $hand XTRA EMAIL]]] > 0} { puthelp "PRIVMSG ${party-chan} :$hand \[\002$email\002\] \([lindex $who 2]\) Connected." } else { puthelp "PRIVMSG ${party-chan} :$hand \([lindex $who 2]\) Connected." } break } } } proc logout:party {hand idx} { global party-chan party-just-quit if {[info exists party-just-quit] && ${party-just-quit} == $hand} {unset party-just-quit ; return 0} puthelp "PRIVMSG ${party-chan} :$hand Disconnected \(lost connection\)." } proc logout:filt {idx text} { global party-chan party-just-quit set hand [idx2hand $idx] set party-just-quit $hand if {[llength $text] > 1} { puthelp "PRIVMSG ${party-chan} :$hand Disconnected \([lrange [split $text] 1 end]\)." } else { puthelp "PRIVMSG ${party-chan} :$hand Disconnected \(lost connection\)." } return $text } bind chon - * login:party bind chof - * logout:party bind filt - .quit* logout:filt putlog "partyline-notify :${party-chan} :Loaded"
  19. # Anti Trout Slap v1.1 By Dude # Kick method # 0 = Kick the user who slaps bot # 1 = Kick the user who slaps anybody # 2 = Kickban the user who slaps bot # 3 = Kickban the user who slaps anybody set troutkickmethod 0 set troutkickreason "Reason here!" # BAN Time set troutbantime 120 bind ctcp - ACTION antitrout:ctcp:action proc antitrout:ctcp:action {nick uhost hand dest keyword arg} { global botnick troutkickmethod troutkickreason troutbantime if { [validchan $dest] == 1 && ([string tolower [lindex $arg 0]] == "slaps" || [string tolower [lindex $arg 0]] == "slap") && [lsearch [string tolower $arg] trout] >= 2 && [string tolower $nick] != [string tolower $botnick] && [botisop $dest] == 1 } { if { $troutkickmethod == 0 && [string tolower [lindex $arg 1]] == [string tolower $botnick] } { putserv "kick $dest $nick :$troutkickreason" } if { $troutkickmethod == 1 } { putserv "kick $dest $nick :$troutkickreason" } if { $troutkickmethod == 2 && [string tolower [lindex $arg 1]] == [string tolower $botnick] } { scan [string tolower [getchanhost $nick $dest]] "%\[^@]@%s" host host newchanban $dest *!*@$host $botnick "$troutkickreason" $troutbantime } if { $troutkickmethod == 3 } { scan [string tolower [getchanhost $nick $dest]] "%\[^@]@%s" host host newchanban $dest *!*@$host $botnick "$troutkickreason" $troutbantime } } return 0 } putlog "Anti-Slap loaded!"
  20. # MSG Filter v1.1 set nomsg(ignflags) "n" set nomsg(filter) { "NickName" "NickName1" "#Channel" "#Channel1" } bind dcc -|- msg nomsg:filter proc nomsg:filter {hand idx arg} { global nomsg set victime [string tolower [lindex $arg 0]] foreach filter $nomsg(filter) { if {($victime == $filter) && ![matchattr $hand $nomsg(ignflags)|]} { putdcc $idx "You Don`t Have AutoriZatioN to Use .msg Those NickNames!!" return 0 } } putserv "PRIVMSG $victime :[lrange $arg 1 end]" putdcc $idx "Msg to [lindex $arg 0]: [lrange $arg 1 end]" return 1 } putlog "MSG Filter v1.1 by Neon loaded!"
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    POCKET ROCKET X View File Register a new spcn account, if your not going to use an existing one, ( top button on top toolbar). Fill in the two edit popups with your details. Your details will be saved in the romotes.ini , and show on the jaeger setup dialog. The script will auto join 5 rooms , just as a start off. This is a media rich script, yet exceedingly fast. Submitter chain Submitted 10/12/2021 Category Sparkpea Scripts (ircwx)  
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    SPIDERMAN View File Socketless script for sparkpea, Fast. Very easy to use, mostly all auto. Includes mp3 player, slide show, spiderman videos, media. Fully loaded, one carefull owner ( lol).........Remember, first popup edit box is for your reg. nick. Submitter chain Submitted 10/12/2021 Category Sparkpea Scripts (ircwx)  
  23. Google has pulled several “stalkerware” ads that violated its policies by promoting apps that encouraged prospective users to spy on their spouses’ phone. These consumer-grade spyware apps are often marketed to parents wishing to monitor their child’s calls, messages, apps, photos and location, often under the guise of protecting against predators. But these apps, which are often designed to be installed surreptitiously and without the device owner’s consent, have been repurposed by abusers to spy on the phones of their spouses. The rise in the use of so-called “stalkerware” (or spouseware) prompted an industrywide response in recent years to combat the spread of phone monitoring apps. Antivirus makers have worked to better detect stalkerware, and federal authorities are taking action against spyware makers that further expose their victims to security threats. Last August, Google banned ads in users’ search results that promoted apps that are designed “with the express purpose of tracking or monitoring another person or their activities without their authorization.” Read More Here
  24. We like to wish all Canadians a very Happy ThanksGiving and have the best time with Family and Friends
  25. Gotta love err0r way of incorp radio stations into the webchat!!
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