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  1. Happy Birthday to my long friend and IRC and website partner Wes. Its been a long and somewhat an experince being your friend and Website and server partner LOL From MSN to Neo_vortex to NSM we have always maintained a great friendship and still continue to do so. all I can say bro is have a great one and many more to come my good friend!! Your Good Friend Chain
  2. UnoBot is an IRC bot that is written in java. It has a pircbotx back end so it's easy to change settings. The bot connects to an IRC server/channel and allows members of the channel to play a game of uno. It also has an AI so it can play too. Requirements You must have Java 1.7 JDK or higher installed. The Java bin folder must be in your classpath if you are running windows. Maven Installation open the config.ini file edit the values appropriately run mvn package (you will have to cd to UnoBot's directory) run UnoBot-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar using the java -jar ./target/UnoBot-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar command More Here
  3. Ive used this client for a long time but im finding the developers are not really doing much too it as they use too. its a great client but you have a certain amount of plugins to use and none updated, same with the theme section. Its not like mIRC where you can do things with it as this client is a c++ which is complicated unless ur in that field range. its still a good client and has many options but slowly getting more and more limited. resource page: https://www.kvirc.net/
  4. Ive been using a old client thats developers continue to update. AdiIRC is still a pretty good client has many features and themes to it. if interested heres the resource page https://www.adiirc.com/
  5. We have now also opened a facebook for coder-irc & coders-resources. We will make sure that any network updates and changes will be plublished on here & our site for continous updates on all website and server detail go to facebook or server website or resource website. https://www.facebook.com/codersircnet/ https://www.coders-resources.net/ https://www.coders-irc.net/
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