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New chat server using IRCWX Has Been opened hoping to get IRC Users to come on and help us Develop the chat in a more user friendly way.

IRCWX can be improved in so many ways that it can stand out and be a better community for Developers or just chatters looking for a useful and easy access to chatting.

This server in question is owned by a Private Person and has err0r doing the design aspect and Wes doing server aspects and Chain advertising and greeting the chatters.

This server is a no room support server. it has its own Automated HDBot system and its own Support Ticket System

The Owner of ChatRoom Controls his own issues, there are no Sysop or Guides. There is no dictating on how an owner runs his rooms.

Like IRC Servers the Owners decide the rules and actions they wish to have.

Admin are just there for server issues and nothing else. This server has been implemented with the most updated system. We are still continuing to add and better IRCWX but with the help of more developers looking to make IRC-Community a better chat experince.

https://www.irc-community.com 7778

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order to authenticate an account on the Chat Network using an IRC client, you first must create an account and join a room with it using the web chat. Then you can connect with your IRC client and authenticate using the following structure.

on ^*:logon😘: {
.raw USER $me $me $me : My Connection
.raw LOGINH <email address> <password in md5 format>

ircWx using % in room names. ie: %#channelname. ircWx also supports spaces in channel names. Spaces are replaced by \b in IRC Clients. ie: %#My\bChannel

cd2 is for basic connections. cd1 requires a socket connection and edits to localwrite

ircWx uses [style] codes. You can strip them with the following regsubex

$regsubex($1-, /\[(?:style\x20.*?|/style)\]/gi,$null)
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