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  1. Version v2.02


    A fully functional script with a plethora of useful features for every user.
  2. chain

    IRcap v8.71


    A full-blown script, with multi-language support, modules and a spiffy picture window interface.
  3. 28 downloads

    This DLL lets you add new controls to mIRC dialogs as well as change other features like the visual style, position etc. For use with mIRC v6.35 Help file located at http://dcx.tg007.net
  4. Version 1.7


    I've known and used this script for many year's, beside the Noname script this one is fantastic!! It has all the features any IRC person could ever want and some.
  5. chain

    Omega 9.7

    It's an ok IRC script it has a lot of stuff from Noname script! but at least the credit was given when due. but he continues to update all of his scripts. He has since updated and added more and more of his own work into this script.
  6. chain

    Omega 9.7


    Omega Script is an enhancement of the most popular IRC client in existance for Windows, mIRC. While easy to use, it is aimed at the more experienced IRC user that wants more control over what is happening on IRC and, eventually, their channel. The script offers many features to make communicating with other people easier and more comfortable. However, the script is more focused on useful features, instead of providing 'nukers' or 'war tools' or similar content to annoy other users on IRC. I want to give Grreny & Mute proper credits: there is code that I have used from them in parts of the script! Here are a few examples of some of the features included in the script: Great channel and personal protections. Away system with pager and log. Balloon tips to notify you of events. Customizable toolbar, lag graph and much more. Improved channel central with topic preview, extended modes and ban/except/invites control. RSS newsticker support. Statistics, system information and usage histories. Theme engine with lots of themes and easy editing. A clipboard editor, blacklist, clone scanner, alarm timer, kick/ban/dcc histories and much, much more...
  7. chain


    Version 1.0


    Simple easy script to use, just add users email password and there your go. light theme ..nicklist and other features.
  8. 85 downloads

    The tooltip.dll is a useful dll that allows you to enter in the dialog of the mIRC pop-up messages within baloon as those that can be found in Windows ME and XP.
  9. 87 downloads

    dll that allows you to change the messages ctcp (Version)
  10. 62 downloads

    Allows you to create several types of pop-up styles and colors
  11. 59 downloads

    DLL to control a lot of options to MSN
  12. 74 downloads

    DLL able to "dockare" up to 20 dialogs in the four sides of mIRC and to add one statusbar at the top and bottom
  13. Version 0.92


    The MDX.dll (mIRC Dialog Extension) dll is the first created dll that can modify any mIRC Dialog with some commands on the dialog init and on other identifiers. You can change the text color,font,style,text size, and more.. Visit the Dragonzap website to view more details about the MDX.dll and more dlls.. Examples: alias mdx { dll mdx.dll $$1- } ; THE MDX ALIAS IS REQUIRED FOR SENDING THE DLL THE COMMAND TO WORK on *:DIALOG:test:init: { mdx SetMircVersion $version ; THE SETMIRCVERSION IS REQUIRED FOR FASTER DLL USAGE mdx MarkDialog $dname ; THE MARKDIALOG IS REQUIRED TO ENABLE THE DIALOG FOR EDITING mdx SetBorderStyle $dname 1 staticedge ; THE SETBORDERSTYLE IS RECOMMEND TO USE IN CHECK,BOX,COMBO mdx SetColor $dname 2 background $rgb(255,0,0) mdx SetDialog $dname bgcolor $rgb(255,255,255) ; THE SETCOLOR PUTTING AN COLOR INTO THE ID AND THE BACKGROUND IS USED TO THE ID BACKGROUND ALSO THE $RGB (/HELP $RGB) IS THE COLOR FOR THE ID (YOU CAN USE THIS ADDON FOR $RGB COLOR FIND) . - ; THE SETDIALOG CAN CONFIGURE THE DIALOG AND THE BGCOLOR IS THE BACKGROUND COLOR OF THE DIALOG. mdx SetFont $dname 2 14 verdana ; THE SETFONT CHANGING THE ID FONT (VERDANA) THE "14" IS THE FONT SIZE THAT YOU MUST ENTER TO CHANGE THE FONT }
  14. Version vRC1


    SysOp is a very easy to use and intuitive script, and anyone from a newbie to a techmonkey can figure out how to work it. All the functions are solid, and it provides good control. The colors might get a bit annoying at one point, but that's not really an issue.
  15. 29 downloads

    Icons made from the original Buzzen nicklist images.
  16. Version 2.0


    A basic socketless script with the following features: Easy connection ( by err0r ) Working whispers ( with on and off feature ) Auto join dialog ( staggered so it don't flood ) Room Lister ( by err0r ) Access Lister ( by err0r ) Webchat like chat colors ( by err0r ) Props, Modes, Notices, Access changes and away messages all show in relevant rooms via echo's, Custom kicks bans user and channel modes are already integrated. Emotes dialog by d33j4y modded by Warrior Customised toolbar by Sims Inbuilt weather done by location or zip code ( by Ford_Lawnmower modded by Sims ) Profile viewing (major thanks to warrior for this) The latest copy of mIRC Major bug fixes This script is designed to look and feel as close to webchat as possible and to be easy to use.
  17. chain


    Version 1.4


    Basic Buzzen connection script. The script contains a unique interface with room control options. All aspects of Buzzen should be incorporated into the script. It contains no games or anything of the such (purely for chat and room control) Update for new Buzzen IP.
  18. Version 1.0


    A very clean and nice script with a lot of functions and everything you need as an irc geek.
  19. 11 downloads

    A somewhat small script with very few popups and mostly command based. Good if your looking for a light script with no extra bells and whistle
  20. chain

    iShare v0.9

    Version 0.9


    iShare is a filesharing script for mIRC. Basically its a GUI for finding other peoples files and DCC gets/sends them. Almost like a Napster for mIRC. All documentation is built in to the script through a help central. You will also get a "First time startup" help when starting the iShare dialog for the first time.
  21. Version 1.0


    Great script, very customizable.
  22. 33 downloads

    An interestingly designed all round entertainment script with such features as an mp3 player, picture viewer, fserv, away system, etc.
  23. 23 downloads

    A nice well rounded mIRC script. Many features include, Media Player (plays both music and videos, and has sound graphics for music), Troll Smasher (Helps prevent abuse from other users against you)... Versatile and tunable. All colors can be changed, images can be changed, it has a interactive sound effect system that plays sounds on IRC events and you can take your own sounds on your computer and assign them to the events on IRC, and sounds can be turned ON or OFF as you see fit. It has a automatic identification system that stores your usernames with their passwords (if needed), and when you change to a different nickname that you have stored it automatically identifies you to services, and much more! NOTE: A lot of this script's features were made to work with Anope services and Unreal IRCd ================================== ReadMe.txt (March 14, 2012) ================================== mIRC DeluXe II - The Lost Version Release: March 12, 2012 Version LOST_2_TIME By: Neo Nemesis aka T0x|cAv3ng3r SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS mIRC: Version 6.35 DirectX: 9+ Operating System: WINDOWS XP or higher ================================== DISCLAIMER ================================== THIS PROGRAM IS FREEWARE AND IS PROVIDED AS IS. THE WRITERS OF THIS mIRC SCRIPT ARE NOT ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT IS DONE/DAMAGED WITH THIS SCRIPT BY THE USERS. THIS PROGRAM IS PROVIDED AS A 100% GURANTEED VIRUS FREE AND IS 100% OPEN SOURCE. ALL GRAPHICS, SOUNDS AND CODE USED IN THIS mIRC SCRIPT MAY BE USED WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE WRITERS OF THIS SCRIPT. THIS SCRIPT HAS BEEN INSPIRED BY NINTENDO'S "The Legend of Zelda" AND OTHER NON AFFILIATED WORKS. ALL WORKS FEATURED IN THIS SCRIPT BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS AND ARE PROVIDED IN THIS SCRIPT FREE OF CHARGE AS FREEWARE. ERRORS AND BUGS MAY BE ENCOUNTERED WITH THIS SCRIPT, PLEASE POST ALL BUGS AND ERROS IN THE HAWKEE.COM THREAD FOR THIS SCRIPT. Should mIRC freeze up or get stuck in a loop try using CTRL + BREAK on the keyboard, A error message may or may not pop up in one of either the Status Window or the currently active window. Please report any and all problems. Please include any and all error messages that pop up. THIS PROGRAM WAS MADE TO WORK ON mIRC v6.35 WHICH IS COPYRIGHTED AND OWNED BY Khaled Mardem-Bhey, mIRC Co. Ltd. YOU MAY USE THIS SCRIPT WITH YOUR mIRC BUT WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU REGISTER YOUR mIRC AFTER THE EVALUATION PERIOD ENDS. mIRC.exe IS NOT PROVIDED WITH THIS SCRIPT To download a copy of mIRC please visit: http://www.mirc.com/get.php?version=635 To register your copy of mIRC please visit: http://www.mirc.com/register.html ================================== INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ================================== 1) Open LOSTDX.zip (the file you're reading this ReadMe.txt from) 2) Then, open My Computer 3) Next open C:\ 4) Back in the LOSTDX.zip file select the DX2 folder and drag it into C:\ 5) Now, open C:\mIRC (you must have mIRC already installed) 6) Right click on mIRC.exe 7) Select Copy 8) Open C:\DX2 9) Right click and select Paste 10) Right click on C:\DX2\mIRC.exe 11) Select Copy 12) Right click on desktop 13) Select "Paste ShortCut" You're done :) ================================== NOTES ================================== This ReadMe.txt has been updated from the ReadMe.txt available in the LOSTDX.zip file. When need of assistance is present, any help that you may need can be answered here on this Hawkee thread. All websites and forums that I have previously owned and operated are no longer in service. When my "coder vacation" has ended I will set up new, better online establishment. SINCE THIS IS "THE LOST VERSION" LITTLE TO NO HELP IS AVAILABLE :( IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MAKING A GUIDE FOR THIS PROGRAM, PLEASE CONTACT ME HERE ON HAWKEE.COM VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE. Thank you all for your use of my previous scripts and I hope you enjoy this one. I finished it about 4 months ago, but never released it, and tucked it away in my archives, thinking I had accidentally deleted it. I recently found it, made a few lat minute changes and released it to you. This is the final release of mIRC DeluXe. Late 2012, early 2013 things will get going with a new project, and an expansion on the support and help available for not just mIRC DeluXe but all my works. I will keep you posted.
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